[Confirmed] Wyclef Jean to run for President of Haiti

When asked about a potential run for Haiti president last week, Jean told TIME’s Jessica Desvarieux that there was a “possibility” that he would do so. What needed to happen to make that move official? A formal declaration to the Haitian government.

The Associated Press reports, via a former Haitian official, that Jean is set make that possibility a reality. Pierre Eric Jean-Jacques, the former Head of Haiti’s Chamber of Deputies, told the wire service on Tuesday that Jean will run as part of his party coalition in the nation’s November 2010 election.

“I’ve been wearing the Haitian flag on my back since ‘No Woman, No Cry,’ ” Jean told TIME last week, referring to his remake of the Bob Marley song. “If I do run, it will always be through legal channels.”

As for channels directly within Jean’s camp, spokeswoman Cindy Tanenbaum did not confirm the AP’s report. She did say that the 37-year-old singer will make an announcement on Thursday night, without releasing what the subject of that event would be.


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