Talking with Derek Dudley

Interview with Derek Dudley, manager for rapper/actor Common, and HBCU Alum.
Derek talked about the key to his business progress as well as making the transition from managing a music career to an acting career.

New York, NY May 2010

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  1. I always thought Common to be one of the dopest MC out there, but he is not realized as Grammy award winning artist. he has been nominated, but never one. He has been around forvever and I am reaaly happy to see him in a major role alone side the Queen. Maybe he will win a Grammy now because the younger generation don’t know true Hiphop. Bigups to Common and his manager.

  2. Derrick,
    I knew you would get that job done man, I believe I can have anytime I want if I help enough people get what they want You and Common are straight up classic. Where’s DJ Dummy. You have done an incredible job.. “keep working man, keep working.. Get in touch with me. Love to Common. Call me 813.449.0082.

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