Howard Homecoming: Bison Roundup “Remember the Time”

Remember the time

Purchase Tickets Online: Click Here

Purchase Tickets Online: Click Here

Title: BRU HC’09: Remember the Time
Description: The Official Saturday Night Alumni Event. A tribute to our heroes and friends, and a celebration of life and our Alumni bond.
Open bar: 7:30 – 9PM
Complimentary Buffet: 8-10PM
Presented By & OhPsalms in association with
Matt Middleton, Tiffany Rose & Kamal Harris
Tickets Available Online: Click Here

Bison Roundup presents the Official Howard Alumni Experience for Homecoming 2009. This is The MAIN EVENT celebration for Alumni this Homecoming.

In the year since we’ve been together at our precious Alma Mater, we have gained and lost.

We’ve GAINED our first Black President of the United States of America (had to give the title the proper respect), and we’ve lost several key brothers and sisters. From Alumni to international figures they will be sorely missed.

As so many friends gathered to attend the Roundup Rendezvous in Miami this year, we were at once happy to be together and saddened by the death of our one time idol Michael Jackson. His loss was present the entire trip even in the greatest celebrations. So as we began our planning for Homecoming this year I was caused to remember our fallen classmates; people whose presence and absence affected my life and I’m sure many of yours as well. People like Prince Jones, Todd May, Todd Johnson, Wardel Jones, and Scotty Beats.

So this year we built an experience designed to acknowledge not only those that we lost, but also the fact that we are still here TOGETHER. As we say at the closing of so many family gatherings “Let’s not wait until something bad happens to do this again”.

So, dear family, it’s in THAT spirit I’m asking you to join BRU, and the entire alumni family, many who will travel long and far, to reminisce with us. Come celebrate our continuity, our love, and our union.

For at least this one weekend, let’s be ONE.

-With Love,
Be. Moore

Start Time: 8PM
Date: Saturday October 24, 2009
Music By: J-Nice, DJ John Dowe, Young Guru, DJ Parlay.
Attire: VERY Clean, this is an ALL Black Affair: All Black EVERYTHING (recommended not required)
Venue: One of Washington’s most luxurious venues. The Park @ 14th


15 responses to “Howard Homecoming: Bison Roundup “Remember the Time””

  1. When will the venue be announced? I have people coming from out of town and they want to know where we will be going.

  2. Now that Early Bird, Still Early AND Pre-Sale are all SOLD OUT, will there be additional tix made available?!?!?

  3. I am not happy with Park being the venue. It is too small, not agreat sound system and they like to block parts off for V.I.P. Plus anyone can get in. I have a feeling that many alumni will not get in. Bobby Vans last year was the best ever because it was mostly true alumni of HU. It felt like 1992-1996 all over again. If I would have known it would be at Park, I would not have purchased a ticket.

  4. How are the tickets now $20 after I have paid $50 dollars for mine? Usually you get a discount for buying tickets early not late. Do the people that were hustled for the extra $30 bucks get free drinks or you just get phucked?

  5. Thanks for the opportunity to respond to your concern “pissed”.
    I actually sent you an email on Monday addressing this issue.

    Since a few variables changed we offered those folks a couple extra amenities and then reset the price low for now erring on the side of the people.

    We offered two options for our early ticket purchasers in the email. Both are geared toward ensuring you are taken care of. Please check the email account associated with your paypal account for details.


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