Morehouse College Enforces Image of a Strong Black Man


“The image of a strong black man needs to be upheld, And if anyone sees this policy as something that is restrictive then maybe Morehouse is not the place for you,” were the words quoted by Cameron Thomas-Shah, the student government co-chief of staff.
It seems that the image of Morehouse has been severely compromised, and many students and staff members have had enough.

The policy details 11 expectations of students, including:
* no caps, do-rags and/or hoods in classrooms, the cafeteria, or other indoor venues
* no sun glasses worn in class or at formal programs
* no jeans at major programs, as well as no sagging pants on campus
* no clothing with derogatory or lewd messages either in words or pictures
* no wearing of clothing usually worn by women (dresses, tops, tunics, purses, pumps, etc.) on the Morehouse campus or at college-sponsored events.

The report goes on to say:

“The image of a strong black man needs to be upheld,” he said. “And if anyone sees this policy as something that is restrictive then maybe Morehouse is not the place for you.”
Daniel Edwards, co-president of Safe Space, a gay straight alliance student campus organization said he has heard from students that are for and against the policy, but he believes it is discriminatory. It is the restriction to women’s clothing that has many students up in arms.
“Some believe that this restriction is what the entire policy is correlated around,” added Edwards. “It is all an issue of perception and what manner of image you want to prescribe to.”


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  1. Talk about, “Argue for your limitations and you shall have them.” It’s a shame that things have come to this concerning our young African American males. I do however support the institutions stand on the issue of “the black male image.” The negative stereotypes of African Americans period have been “projected” so long that even we have forgotten what is required to “represent” in dominant society. Thank Heaven for Morehouse College!

  2. I’m so glad Morehouse is taking a stand regarding their image. People tend to forget that when joining or participating in institutions or organizations that it serves a purpose beyond selfish intent. When I heard men were dressing as women on the campus of Morehouse I was outraged and I was never a student their. I see this same buffoonery in fraternities and I don’t understand why people don’t create their own institutions/organizations they want to behave counterproductive.

  3. As an alumnus of Morehouse College where we were called and represented “Morehouse Men!!” If you were to attend Morehouse, as they stressed in freshmen week, then you had better shape up to merit being a “man”! Boys went to high school as they stated and Men go to Morehouse. We tolerate these “confused personnel” because society has tolerated them. We as Black Men must represent the best of all as the stereotype is already established with us being fools and idiots. I represent the true Morehouse Man and work everyday at a career, pay taxes, morgage and ensure that I am looked up as a man of means.

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