[People on the Move] Ras Baraka


My Name is… Ras Baraka

The reason you are reading about me is…
I’m running for South Ward Councilman in Newark, N.J. and I have never watched from the sideline. Our President needs help from near and far. The people in the country need help and clarity and most importantly my community in Newark N.J. needs help!

I attended…
Howard University (Class of ’91)

Right now I’m working on… turning my high School, Central High, around. I’m working on making it a safe haven, and educational gem in the community a resource and a shining beacon for the entire community. I am also working on developing an anti violence initiative and approach to dealing with urban crime that can be duplicated all over the country. As well as work on a spoken word presentation.

But if I wasn’t, I’d be… traveling around the country/world speaking, reading poetry and trying to organize nationally. Or home eating fried tilapia ( Senegalese style) trying to write.

One thing I do every day is…
gather all the students together in my school every single morning without failure and speak to them to prepare them for the day but also to prepare them emotionally and psychologically for the rest of their lives and this must be done daily.

I can’t stand when people… speak without investigation or investigate but refuse to speak…

But I love it when people… sacrifice their individual ambitions for the collective good or use theeir power and resource to aide in the collective health of our community

If you happen to run into me in the street…
speak, get my attention I may be in deep thought. You may mistake that for me not paying attention or not being interested its not true there is a lot going on and im planning and probably need your help…and if you went to Howard especially during the 89 protest..”we sit together we stand together we fight together we are together…”

The Best piece of advice I ever received was… not really advice but Fredrick Douglass “power concedes nothing without demand it never has and it never will.”

If I had to coin it, my message would be… “to give when there is nothing left or teach to noisy crowds, to discover fire and share it, to face fear and live anyway…”

My future plans and projects include…
Winning a Council seat in 2010; to run one of the most effective schools in my community and later all over the country that prepares my students for leadership and change; to publish another book, CD, and working on a play in four voices.

Big Ups to… the Brick City Newark NJ; HU the Mecca!; Alumni roundup (Be. and Kamal) the roof top posse HU protest; BNF; Central High School and most importantly all of you!

Support Ras Baraka: www.RasBaraka2010.com

3 responses to “[People on the Move] Ras Baraka”

  1. Saw Mr. Baraka on “Brick City”. Very impressive. Best of luck and success in your campaign and any future endeavors.

  2. At Howard, I knew you were called to serve the community and willing to with strong purpose. Please continue doing what you do. I claim a 2010 victory for your campaign. Change…something we can believe in. Your students are truly blessed to have someone like you…someone who really cares about their future. 🙂

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