“Roundup” Founder Makes EBONY POWER 150 List

Alumni Roundup Founder Bryndan Moore has been included in the EBONY Magazine EBONY POWER 150 list. The annually published list features the year’s Most Influential Blacks in America, and credits Moore for the creation of the Roundup websites for Black college alumni. Moore is joined by Music Industry Exec Kevin Liles, REACH Media Inc.’s Oscar Joyner, and NBA All-Star LeBron James in the NEW POWER category.

The feature is available in the May edition of EBONY Magazine, available at newsstands now.

Click here to see the list:


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  1. Thanks for making this site happen. Fisk was great to all of us over the years and we need to keep in touch with our Fisk family.

  2. Every generation, Every decade, Every epic, you name it, there are moments that happen, that just make you go…. WOW.

    I think all of us, from deep down inside, hope/wish, that we can have an ever lasting imprint on life. We hope that we can do something that makes this life better for others, than when we found it….

    Brother, by creating the roundup sites, if you never do anything else, you have made your mark during your lifetime

    The ancestors are proud of you.

  3. All I can say is such creativity and ingenuity just goes to show us all that anything is possible! What a great idea with endless possibilities! We needed this in the worse way and you did it man. Now it’s up to us to totally embrace it and stay connected. Congratulations brother – keep up the great work!

  4. Congrats B!! You made the big time!! You definitely deserve it. You made it possible for people to find friends that they haven’t seen in years. The folks here at Bethune-Cookman University are anxiously awaiting their own round-up!! I bragged too much about Howard’s 🙂 Peace and Blessings my Brother!! See you in Punta Cana!!


  5. Way to go B!!! “Most Influential Black Americans” …WOW!!! What a wonderful accomplishment. Kudos to Ebony for recognizing your vision and hard work. Blessings.

  6. Thank you brother and you deserve all the credit you are getting, you have created an online Homecoming, I am a Virginia State alum and this site helped so many lost friends reconnect! It’s addicting…

  7. It always warms my heart to know that another brother has made a positive impact on the world. Congratulations and a specila thanks to Ebony. May you always be blessed in all that you do.

  8. Congrats. The Morehouse and Spelman site has been the bomb. Thanks so much for all your hard work. It is wonderful to connect with so many lost friends and faces. You have changed the face of our reunions and homecomings. People who didn’t come back to celebrate, will now return. I hope that now people will donate more money to their colleges. Thanks again and I can’t wait to see more of your greatness.

  9. Tight work man. I knew the minute I signed onto the FAMU site, and made my way around it…that you guys had something special here. Keep up the good work

  10. B Moore…whatup…congrats on makin that list babyboy…definitely well deserved. People come up wit bright ideas all day long…but only a select few actually put there best ideas into action…and that’s what sets you apart from the rest. Keep innovatin, keep bein a person for others…and THANK YOU for BRU!

  11. Congrats B Moore and thanks for helping us get all get reconnected. My friends and I have found fols we’ve lost touch with for more than 20 years. And, as my friend Don Napoleon said of his VA Roundup experience it IS addicting… but in a good way. We at the BRU Howard University Bison Roundup thank and appreciate you!!!

  12. Keep doing it Be!

    My dad used to say, “The difference between you & the guy up on the stage, is that he has enough nerve to get up there & play the guitar”…

    We’ll keep pushing you & you keep pulling us. Lifting as we climb. (Sounds like the cover of the ’89 Bison yearbook) You know I’m with you. I know it must be humbling…You deserve it however. You serve, you get blessed. Congrats…You know I’m with you.

  13. The Roundup is a great idea! I’m mad that I didn’t think of it first though, lol. Congrats!!

    Tennessee State Alumni (Big Blue Roundup)

  14. congrats! it’s a beautiful thing! the round up is the bomb. but u already know!!!!
    india’s world!!!

  15. I just wanted to say that you hit the jackpot with starting these websites! There were SOOO many people that I lost touch with that I have been able to reconnect with as a result of joining the Alumniroundup (FAMU to be exact). I bragged about it so much to some other friends of mine that they are wondering if you will be adding a site for their university (South Carolina State).

    I will pass the word on if you are. If not, thanks for at least starting one for FAMU!

  16. Congrads B-Moore. You have used your talents, skills, education and gifts to bring people together who truly desire to be united. Take pride in your accomplishments and thank you for BRU.


  17. Larry Page & Sergey Bren!!!!! If you know who these two are then you know what you are in store for, MANY BLESSINGS!!!! Brilliant idea!!!

  18. Bryndan, I use the BRU as a resource in my daily life now (to network with friends, old & new as well as get info on latest music, politics & other trends). I am so happy for you and ecstatic to watch you and the Admin team bring this to the next level with the other HBCUs. Many Congratulations and even more success.

  19. Congratulations Mr. Moore, the Roundups are wonderful sites that you have created for the college alumni communities. I have made contact/reconnected with classmates that I often wonder about but have had no way of connecting with. Keep up the fabulous work and we will continue to support your endeavors.

  20. CONGRATZ, BRYNDAN!!! I love it! You continue to do things the only way we Howardites seem to know how…BIG!

  21. Congratulations.

    There’s a FISKITE in that article too! Alonzo Fulgham, COO at the US AID gives his wisdom on leadership.

  22. STUPENDOUS!!! & just to think there’s unTOLD good (besides roundup reunions/parties..lol) that these sites, that have allowed us to reconnect with our friends, is going to do for generations to come! Congratulations!

  23. Congrats! I cannot say how much this site is appreciated! I can say thank you! You have put a great mind to task and achieved notariety by doing “right” by your people!

  24. B. Moore
    Fantastic, You deserve to be rewarded for a job well done, the site speaks for itself……..AWESOME RATTLER STRIKE

  25. It takes constant perserverance and millions of attempts, but one great idea makes the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. Thank you for being that person that continued to work to find that one idea. I look forward to the seeing your next “big one”!

  26. Congratulations! Roundup was a great idea, and it’s gotten me in contact with a LOT of folks from Hampton University whom I hadn’t heard from in years. I can’t wait ’till Homecoming rolls around, because it’s pretty much guaranteed to be 10 times more fun thanks to this site. Thanks Bryndan!

  27. Continue to do your thang Mr. Moore! We Southernites support you 110%. This was long overdue for those of us who wondered what happened to former sweethearts, friends, foes, and familiar faces. It’s great to converse with someone who can put you in contact with someone you have been trying to find. Great innovative mind, brother.

  28. I could not be more proud of you Bryndan. I hope you are fully aware of the impact that you are continuing to make for our generation and those to come.

  29. Mr. Moore thank you:) When I think of this website I smile. There were people I had not heard from and could not locate. What makes our experience unique no matter your HBCU home you capture in AlumniRoundup. This tool perpels our rich traditions, relationships, and memories into the 21st century and captures the sincere ties of friendship we shared from those freshman days through the journey to graduation and beyond. Like Booker T. Washington lecturing at Hampton or founding Tuskegee we will remember you for enter the “net” and created an awesome conduit to preserve our legacy and connections.

  30. Congratulations, Mr. Moore! Your sites are great, and they have really helped all of us stay connected to what is great about HBCUS!!

  31. That is excellent. The more coverage you get the greater you exceed the expectations for the round up.

    Excellent job.

  32. You deserve it. Thanks to you, I can finally reconnect with my Tennessee State (TSU) family. GO BIG BLUE!!!

  33. Congrats! I absolutely love the site! Awesome idea! This serves as a great especially for networking we finally have an unstoppable platform!

    God Speed,


  34. Congratulations!! I just signed on to bearroundup yesterday. It is GREAT!!! All the best to you!!!!

  35. I will just “ditto” what has already been said. I am absolutely hooked on my PirateRoundUp; I’ve been reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. It’s good to know more HBCU alumni are getting to experience this as well, as you grow and prosper. Stay blessed.

  36. Congrads and thanks for the rush of friends and memories that you re-established. I personally thank you and I think I can speak for all, but I know I can speak for the Jag Nation to say “we all love this site,” (Huge applause!)

  37. Awesome site to utilize in making contact with alumnies you havent heard from or seen since graduation. The Cookman rounup is off the chain….
    Enjoying it to the fullest.

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