The Slim Thug controversy

Reposted verbatim from Vibe
The way Black people think in general is messed up. Both men and women need to change their way of thinking. It’s hard to trust a Black woman [sometimes] because a lot of Black women’s mind frame is that the man gotta do everything for her⎯ he gotta pay for this, he gotta pay for that, and if it ain’t about money then a lot of them ain’t fucking with him. If that’s what you’re here for then I don’t want to be with you.

Most single Black women feel like they don’t want to settle for less. Their standards are too high right now. They have to understand that successful Black men are kind of extinct. We’re important. It’s hard to find us so Black women have to bow down and let it be known that they gotta start working hard; they gotta start cooking and being down for they man more. They can’t just be running around with their head up in the air and passing all of us.

I have a brother that dates a White woman and he always be fucking with me about it saying, “Y’all gotta go through all that shit [but] my White woman is fine. She don’t give me no problems, she do whatever I say and y’all gotta do all that arguing and fighting and worry about all this other shit.”

My girl is Black and White. I guess the half White in her is where she still cooks and do all the shit that I say, so we make it. She just takes care of me and I like that. She don’t be begging and I don’t gotta buy her all this crazy ass shit. And she’s a smart girl too. She graduated from Columbia [University] and I like that about her so it’s cool. I’ve dated girls that will buy a $3,000 bag and don’t know how to pay it off on their credit cards. They walk around in these Louis Vuittons and red bottoms but they’re riding around in raggedy cars, so it’s just getting your priorities right.

White women treat they man like a king and Black women feel like they ain’t gotta do that shit. Black women need to stand by their man more. Don’t always put the pressure of if I’m fucking with you, you gotta buy me this and that. Black men are the ones that motherfuckers need [but] I think a lot of them need to step it up too. A Black man who gets a little bread will go make it rain in the club and be broke the next day or instead of him going to invest in a business he gonna go buy new jewelry or a new car and still live in the hood. Black peoples’ mentality is real fucked up in general [and] it’s affecting everything.

Black women need to be more genuine and be more 50/50 [but] It should be a fair exchange in a relationship period or eventually somebody is gonna feel like they’re getting fucked over whether it’s the woman or the man. I think that will help Black relationships out a lot

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  1. Perhaps Mr. Thug needs to step his game up and start seeking QUALITY women. I don’t hang with any black women like the ones he discusses in this article. My friends are quite different but I do know there are PEOPLE of all kinds in the black community. Nothing is absolute. Not all black women are money hungry, uneducated and combative. Just as not all black men are jobless, lazy, triflin and poor fathers.

    I love how this is tagged, “Reposted verbatim from Vibe”

  2. “What you put up with you end up with” Mr Thug. Geesh.

    SlimThug has some serious self-hatred. To think I crossed over on the same boat shackled to his ass, survived slavery, the ante-bellum South and 5 seasons of Good Times to end up with him telling me to get tips from some Becky on how to support him and live right. Well I be damned. It is true, unfortunately, that many people suffer from this kind of mental disease of bigotry, stereotyping, misogyny and carelessness. Glad has an audience that seeks to stay healthy and free from this kind of dangerous psychosis.

  3. Just lovely more negative talk about Black women to white media (long sigh) When are we going to have Black men speak out on this, is my question. I conduct myself like the Original woman, Queen. One day I suppose intelligent BLACK MEN, whom I hold so closely in my heart will ban together and take a collective stand of this constant abuse! .. Well I can dream can’t I?

  4. yes, but there are many money hungry, uneducated and contentious women who have a sense of entitlement and there are many jobless, lazy, triflin brothas who don’t give a shyt about their kids.

  5. I’ll say this:

    There are some trifling black women AND some trifling black men (and some trifling others as well). Not cooking does not make you trifling… it only makes you less desirable to a mate that wants you to cook. Generalizations will get you in general trouble.

    PEOPLE do need to reflect on their behavior, how they speak to one another and how they are perceived among other things. The need for this is not exclusive to any one race or sex.

    While I am a proponent of black women encouraging one another to check ourselves to make sure we are being reflective and realistic, and coming correct with our stuff, I am not a proponent of anyone placing all the blame on us for the ills of black relationships.

    White women are not a better choice but a DIFFERENT choice and I take no offense to some dude who chooses to go that route… to each his own. Go on… BYE! Just do it for the right reasons… and be accountable for your choices instead of blaming us.

    Just as you want us to believe there are good men out there… there are good women as well… ones who do not fit your overgeneralized mis-characterization.

    Now I need to go cook dinner… peace and light…

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