This week 3.30.08

New Review, profile layout explanation, can Kamal pull it off?, VA State launch, and an American Boy!

Spring Break is a beast. At my house we’re just finishing a 10 day stint with the kids at home. Parents of young kids I know you feel me. I know why summer camps cost SO MUCH. At this point you couldn’t PAY ME to care for kids all day.

*This week we started our reviews section on First up (Big ups to Krishna for sending the goodies, and Jaimi for writing the review). If you have a product you would like us to take a look at drop us a line here. No promises, but if we do it, we will be honest and fair.

* On the new website layout, here’s the (long awaited) deal. The site is being UPGRADED big-time. What happens when you are ambitious about making changes is you have to be tempered by the reality that problems come with change. In order to bring you the HOTTEST product available (which IS what we are doing) changes have to be made in stages. We are in a transitional stage right now.

The Good: The Groups are much improved, now including a comment bar and the possibility of embedding an RSS feed. The new themes are better than before, and the blog display has a much better use of space, as well as the photo and video displays.

The Bad: Well basically we all think the profile questions should be back on the side, and the friends should be displayed more prominently. Also you have to scroll too far down to see new comments. I know we feel the same way.

Many of you messaged me or left comments (even after reading the numerous people who left the SAME comment just seconds earlier LOL!) asking me to GO BACK to the old format. Sorry. We are self-confident Black Trendsetters, we don’t do reverse. This ENTIRE project, I mean the ENTIRE ROUNDUP PROJECT is based on doing things in NEW ways in order to improve our results. This is no different. All I can ask is that you ride with us while we get better. Trust me, it WILL be better.

*Also this week we launched a site for VA State U at Don’t be shy, please tell your friends J

* Kamal, our events coordinator is working feverishly to get our Los Angeles Events together for April. You know LA has to be done BIG. We’re developing sponsorship opportunities for corporations and brands to go along with our events program for the year. These include our multi-city launch events, our Homecoming events, destination travel, and any of the Classic’s we participate in this year. Brand managers let’s talk!

On events, we are bringing activity to DC, NYC, (possibly Houston) and Atlanta very soon! Also the singles group on EVERY SITE has raised the question about cross talk between the groups. I guess folks are trying to hook up for real! We are ON IT. Staff is VERY BUSY working on just that issue. I mean, you wouldn’t mind meeting available superstars from Southern, Hampton, FAMU, or Howard would you??? We’re going to make that happen. We’re going to kick it off with the ROUNDUP RENDEVOUS.

* Roundup Rendezvous: June 26-29 in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic,RESERVE NOW . Families are welcome, and they have programs for the kids at the resort. BE SURE to book through our Black Alumni Owned travel agent.

Enjoy Your Week.



Enjoy the Trifecta: Estelle’s dialect, Kanye, and Will.I.Am on the beat.

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  1. I’ve been keepin’ up with the progress. Keep doin ya thing.

    On a side note, I don’t know the name of the HU alum who owns the product but I did see it on here. It’s called “Pacimals” and the website is I think the very simple product is INGENIOUS! You may already know about it, but I always think of it when thinking about alum entrepreneurs.

  2. Thanks for all of your efforts as I don’t believe anyone is getting a paycheck, this is a phenomenal undertaking and much appreciated.

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