U.T.F.O.’s Kangol Kid on Being a Haitian in America


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Last week, just 3 days after the earthquake that devastated Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, Roundup Radio had a chance to connect with Haitian Rapper Kangol Kid of the group UTFO. At the time, Kangol’s father who had been in Haiti at the time of the destruction had been out of contact for several days due to communication meltdown in the country. Be sure to listen to the audio of our interview.

In a released statement, Kangol had this to say regarding the earthquake:

This is an absolute tragedy for my brothers and sisters in Haiti. These are people that made the best of having nothing and circumstances still find a way to take even more away from them. That’s just real evil and plain wrong. I had the pleasure of visiting Haiti this past October for the first time since I was 8 years old. I feared the visit because I was “Media-Washed” (in other words I was brainwashed by the media) and believe every stereotypical rumor society had to offer about the country. My manager, Shaunda Lumpkin, convinced me to go and that visit changed my world so much that I’ve become proud to be Haitian! Moreover, I am currently an Ambassador of Hope for Haiti.

I’ve learned that there’s a “hood” in every city, state and country on this planet. So yes, the poverty does exist in Haiti but no one ever talks about the beauties that exist in that beautiful country. Trust me when I tell you…. It is sooooo beautiful. I’ve never been a follower- therefore I was ashamed of myself for believing all that media non-sense without seeing it for myself. I felt even more ashamed when everyone in the country recognized me and welcomed my return with opened arms. As the President of Haiti (Rene Preval) himself embraced me, I felt all of Haiti wrapping their arms around me.

Today, I feel great sadness for my people as my mother who lives in Miami, Florida, is frantically trying to reach my Father who is currently visiting Port Au Prince with no word of his condition. I asked that my Hip-Hop Community, my fellow Haitian-Americans and people alike pray for the safety of Haiti and for my father.

Kangol Kid

My Haitian Heroes


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