[DNC] (Super)Fly on the Wall: Denver Day 2

The DNC is a HUGE event, and though we couldn’t afford to send a live reporter to Denver, Alumni Roundup has activated our mole secret agent on the scene. For the rest of the week enjoy the quips and observations of our agent Codename: Superfly.

View today of the Pepsi center…

The calm before today’s storm…

  • If y’all don’t know who this brotha is…you should. He and his band are the official “House Band” for the convention. And ladies….great eye candy!!!! Check out his site, http://www.raychew.com/.
  • Because I am working, unfortunately I miss alot of things….like Hillary!!! Hilary Clinton, is in the building and why on earth am I not on notice??? Ya know, its not like I didn’t know she would be here, but my job is definitely getting in the way right now. LOL
    Next up in the building is Charles Barkley…and my co-workers wonder why he’s here…on CNN. Uhm, (IMO) there are ALOT of black folks here, that have NOTHING to do with politics. But he’s outspoken and that makes news, oh, and good television.
  • Ok seriously, the speakers are coming too fast…I can’t write this fast!Details about the following people (who have already spoken in the past hour) to follow!
    Rev. Cynthia Hale (African Am.)
    Eleanor Holmes-Norton (yes….complete with gogo music as her introduction…)
    the Governor of NY!! (represent!)
  • On stage….members of the congressional black caucus….what an occasion! They are not just honoring and paying tribute to the next Democratic Nominee for the President of the United States, they are honoring one of their own; Stephanie Tubbs Jones
  • What a day! it was alot of talk …lots of people who came through and ALL to participate in this countries greatest hypefest
  • This guy, definitely was today’s official hypeman! Right behind him was Governor Brian Schwietzer of Montana who asked almost every state to “Stand Up”!!

    Oh yes, there is another update! As I make my way out of the Pepsi Center, who do I see???? Gayle King!!!!! Oh my goodness!! Oh my good grief! When did I become so crazy about celebrities??? Its definitely the majesty of the Convention. Too dark to get a photo AND….she was on the phone. The last time I tried to interrupt a celebrity (on the phone) on the streets of NY, I was given a firm “NO” and I don’t do “NO’s”…lol

I’m going to check out a party at Vinyl (hosted by Hill Harper) near downtown, let’s see what adventures I get into!


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