[DNC] (Super)Fly on the Wall: Denver Day 3

The DNC is a HUGE event, and though we couldn’t afford to send a live reporter to Denver, Alumni Roundup has activated our mole secret agent on the scene. For the rest of the week enjoy the quips and observations of our agent Codename: Superfly.

First Some Photos to wrap up day 2…

Day2.3 – My girl and yours, Eleanor Holmes Norton. ‘Taxation without Representation!’

Day2.4 – Work took over, couldn’t get on the floor to see her speak…so I sent in backup! (see Day2.9;  Day2.10)

Day2.5 – Nightlife in Denver during the DNC, one of the sponsors was TV One. I totally got in from… you guessed it! A Bison! Caught a glimpse of Blair Underwood, (and Charles Barkley and comedienne Sheryl Underwood)

Day2.6 – Just when I thought VIP was the spot…I go up stairs and who do I see??? Slick Rick on stage!!! The diamonds he has on his person are insane!

Day2.8 – Rick keeps the crowd wanting more!

Day2.9 – Yes We can!!!

Day2.10 – Hillary Clinton on stage

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