Michael Moore’s “Slacker Uprising” Full version

“Slacker Uprising” takes place in the wake of “Fahrenheit 9/11,” during the run-up to the 2004 election, as I traveled for 42 days across America, visiting 62 cities in a failed attempt to remove George W. Bush from office. My goal was to help turn out a record number of young voters and others who had never voted before. (That part was a success. Young adults voted in greater numbers than in any election since 18-year-olds were given the right to vote. And the youth vote was the only age group that John Kerry won.)

What I encountered during the tour and the filming was both inspiring and frightening, so I thought, hey, this might make for a funny and enlightening movie! Each night, thousands would show up to volunteer in the Slacker Army against Bush. This drove local Republicans nuts. In one state they tried to have me arrested. At two colleges, rich donors offered to donate more money to the college if they would ban me from campus. Nearly a half-dozen universities kept the Slacker Uprising tour off their campuses. But there was no stopping this movement. By the time we got to Florida, 16,000 people a night were showing up.

It was clear that young people were the ones who were going to save the day — just as they are in this year’s election.

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  1. I think that this would be great for people to see….if people would only open their eyes to the goings-on within this sad administration…Bush is a “slacker” lol

  2. While you’re at it, burn books, silence opposing points of view, water board for dollars and quiescent. What subjects are off limit? God bless Michael Moore for his liberal ideas and thought provoking films. I don’t have to agree with him to realize – no one is a 100% wrong or 100% wrong. But my question is, my social conservative friends, what is there to fear? Unless fear is the desire effect?

  3. I do not see what is so hateful about it. I think Bush is the hater. He is a hater of truth, peace, fairness, and reason. Do you need examples? Everybody except Valrie and Thane make sense on this one.

  4. If You question Bush (The Dictator), today you are labeled unpatriotic. Note to the extremist neo-con’s on this site. It’s the right and obligation of the people to question their gov’t “Se – lected” figure heads. Too bad for Valerie (above) she won’t change her mind until “The Dictator” decides to send her back to the kitchen, bare footed and pregnant and deny her the right to work. Similar to the puppet doll McCain selected who only speaks based on the written script given.

  5. Bull. This guy is a proven liar and a hypocrite. Why his movie is being pushed on an HBCU alumni website has to make you wonder. Exactly who is running roundup anyway?

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