[Video] The Black Christian Conservative

It’s no secret the architects of ARU are Obama supporters. We’ve been called out on it on numerous occasions and honestly we appreciate the feedback. So given the opportunity to express an opposite perspective we charge full steam.

OK folks. I know you’re out there. Can we get some live discussion on the pros and cons of the GOP for Blacks in America?

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  1. Hey, dude makes some good arguments…but the ideal that any black person would be a conservative (which basic premise is for things to remain as they are) is oxymoronic. But I give him a “B” for intellectual bullshit.

  2. He makes a good agurment. He gets a B for presentation. He can put his thoughts and sentences together better than Palin. The truth is no one will get anywhere as long as we go along with this 2 party system. They both basically represent keeping power in Washington. Hoodwinked, bamboozled. Groupthink is never a good thing. Conservatives have positive attributes as well as Liberals. Many true conservatives agree with McCain’s basic position, the problem is he has been influenced by the far right zenophobes- that have a problem with anyone that doesn’t conform to their version of a patriotic American. This has pushed many conservatives like myself far away from him. McCain would have been an ideal President in 2000. Unfortunately, Bush, Cheney, and Rove ensured the “Republican/Conservative” brand has been hung out to dry. And I won’t even start on that choice for VP. That was just plain disrespectful in so many ways. Keep up the fight and leave those -labels and party affiliations alone.

  3. He’s right. An Obama Presidency will be bad for all Americans, including black Americans. A straight line Democratic control of the federal government with no checks and balances is a bad thing. Obama’s voting record on abortion is repugnant, but is also rarely reported. His mockery of Christianity is abhorrent. The glassy eyed screaming crowds who support him have cast off all of their ideals for this false messiah.

    I am one black man who will most certainly be voting for John McCain.

  4. Chew on this tidbit of info to help put things in perspective and eliminate all the madness and clutter competing with your better sense of judgment.

    msnbc.com: Barack Obama is a socialist?
    John McCain and Sarah Palin are on the record supporting proposals similar to the ones they currently lambast the Democratic presidential candidate for encouraging.

  5. Most of this rant is propaganda and really has nothing to do with Obama as a viable candidate. If free thought matters, why be one sided at all? So is it okay to blame all of the world’s problems on Liberals??? Get real. People in general and the individual choices we make are the problem. We can always make excuses for what we support and point the finger at what we don’t. It is all hypocrisy. The best thing he said on the video were at the end about “waiting for someone to make you happy when you have the power to do it yourself… right now”. That is raw truth. Take responsibility for your own mess and resolve to do better. Then get help.

    I agree with Thane, that the removal of checks and balances if the Democratic party controls the House, Senate and Executive branches of government is a problem. So when you vote, just choose the Republican Senators and Supreme Court judges and we are in good shape. Problem solved.

    That issue alone is no excuse for allowing ignorance to continue to permeate within the walls of the Oval Office. There is way too much at stake. McCain chose his running mate poorly, which has nothing to do with her personal life choices and everything to do with her political skills or lack thereof. McCain changes his mind far too often for anyone to take him seriously. His time has passed. Like it or not, Obama is our present and our future. It is a good thing for America. Deal with it. Also, I am tired of hearing people question Obama’s Christian faith and values. Obama himself doesn’t go there and instead questions a persons judgment and ability to lead this country in the right direction. It is true that no one is perfect but compare Obama’s personal life to McCain’s and Palin’s and see who represents the most Christian values in word and deed. Wake up people, he is living the American dream and we should all be proud of him for making it this far.

    Everyone has choices to make in life but just because you call yourself a Conservative Christian doesn’t mean you have to vote for McCain. Abortion is a choice just like everything else and if you are against it, then encourage others to make the right choice for life. Obama and his wife chose life. They have two daughters and a loving, stable family relationship. He has also gone on record stating his position for establishing an environment that does more to encourage women to choose life. What is so terrible about that? Bush has been in office for 8 years and abortion is still legal. What makes anyone think McCain will change it? He just wants your vote and then he is done with you. You have to make it the best way you can while the rich get richer, the middle class is eliminated, the poor get poorer and our problems get bigger. If that is what you want, then cast your vote for McCain and don’t complain if he wins and American’s have nothing to show for it except for more death, destruction and debt caused by a war that should never have been.


  6. Most Blacks in America were Republicans until that idiot Barry Goldwater ran for president in 1964 as a Repbulican, opposing the Civil Rights Act. Well, Most Democrats from the south, Robert E. Byrd included, opposed the Civil Rights Act. In fact, Byrd personally led an 83 day fillibuster in the senate against the legislation. (He also opposed the Voting Rights Act.) Al Gore Sr. was one of the other senators opposing it. Well, President Johnson with the help of the “Republicans” got it passed. Enough ancient history.

    The young brother had several good points. One was: “I never received a job from a poor person”

    Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. Winston Churchill

    Some people regard private enterprise as a predatory tiger to be shot. Others look on it as a cow they can milk. Not enough people see it as a healthy horse, pulling a sturdy wagon. Winston Churchill

    If you are not a liberal at twenty, you have no heart. If you are not a conservative at forty, you have no brain. Winston Churchill

    Abortion? Go to Blackgenocide.org Margaret Sanger started Planned Parenthood as part of her “Negro Project” to reduce Negro population in the US.

  7. Here’s a question for y’all…

    If the black guy in this video was John McCain, would you vote for him based on the points he just expressed?

    I am an independent voter who has been supporting Obama. I don’t agree with Obama’s views on abortion. It’s murder, but so is war. If this is a faith issue then the Word of God says “thou shalt not kill”, PERIOD. Therefore, I feel God values lives of the innocent, infant babies the same as innocent older children, men and women. There are no exceptions.

    Anyway, as a Independent I have no problem voting for the right Republican. McCain and Palin just aren’t doing it for me and I am not convinced they are who they say they are.

  8. I can’t believe I just heard from and saw the intellectual version of Steppin Fetchit. I must say he damn near had me with that plantation reference, the free thinkin nonsense and man the “I never recieved a job from a poor person” was a beauty. but for all his “good” points he forgets one basic underlying sentiment that resonates in our community, most educated, uneducated, rich, semi-rich,po’ black folks that I know will know sugar from shit. Just because I pour syrup on a flat turd don’t make it pancakes! Tell me bruh, what is the dem propaganda if I am smart enough to figure out that the dems take me for granted and your conservative Christian friends still only come by to feed this ol’ dog when they want it to go hunt for them? You didn’t leave the plantation bruh Good Massa just let you go outside the fence. Let me ask this did the rich person you went to give you the job you deserved making more than slave wages but more importantly did he stop putting up obstacles so you could have your own businesses, get bank loans and mortgages at the rate your credit score demands and not pay 3 to 5% more for every major purchase than Good Massa and his fambly. Naw. Good Massa saw in you potential and called you “that” good “one”. Good God-fearin Massa was not so cruel to you his “black helper” and resents the Northern Yankee rablerouser for depicting southern slave owners(as McCain’s family) as such.(as read in an article called “Precious Legacy” in the LaGrange GA newspaper chronicling the diary of a woman’s Con-federate Con-servative Christian(oh reahh hhheeeeehh leeeeee(a little Ace Ventura)) Great Grandfather) Good Massa been nice to you so you went and made dis nice video.
    So I know you are not suprised at my comments just mystified huh potna?
    Many more could have been freed; if they only knew they were slaves!!!!
    I aint in love with either party. I just know the plantation is still there eventhough they let some of us outside the fence!!

  9. Also potna Lil’ Bush been in office 8 years and before that his dad with Your Great Communicator RR that is another 8 years so that makes 16 years and with the most conservative Supreme Court ever all nicely seated in black (except CT who wishes to be seated in White)(gufaw, gufaw)!!!!! Why is abortion still legal and Roe v. Wade not overturned? Just askin, bruh!?!!

  10. We need to check ourselves. We need to learn our history. We need to stop living above our means.
    Brothers like him like to run their mouths and do nothing. There is a reason why Blacks continue to see themselves “en masse” at the bottom of society. It’s called, “self hatred.” Without realizing it, we undermind our own progress and stability. We make purchases we can’t afford and we have children we can’t afford to raise and educate.
    Those of us who are so called educated, still maintain a profile of low self esteem and poor self image. We assign more power and intellect to whites, just because they are white. Look at how we treat one another as oppose to how we treat whites. We question the intellect and authority of well educated Blacks who have proven to be trustworthy, while treating the little known, blue collar white person’s word as gospel.
    Forget the white man, WE ARE OUR OWN WORST ENEMIES.

  11. We are our own worst enemies, and Obama is public enemy #1.

    Higher corporate taxes mean higher prices for everyone.

    Higher taxes mean more companies going overseas and layoffs. Guess who gets laid off first? Yep, US!

    Obama votied against the Born Alive Infants Act 4 times. Above, someone said war is equal to murdering infants. I disagree. Was has been fought and justified even in the bible. A living baby who is born alive due to a botched abortion is not on a morally equivalent plain to a terrorist gettin’ smoked by our military. Get real.

    Is it a coincidence that we blacks are both the only ethnic group to vote en masse for one party and ALSO the least politically powerful ethnic group in America?

  12. A point of history, in 1913 the income tax became permanent in the U.S. with the adoption of the 16th amendment to the constitution – the premise of the amendment follows the Robin Hood fame – still from the rich, give to the poor. However, in the early 1900’s and anytime a democrat was in office, rich people, find ways to preempt themselves from paying additional taxes. For example, if I am making more than the $250,000 a year, all I would do is set up a corporation, run my expenses through it and thereby reduce my taxable income (obviously, this is the simplified version) until I am below the “additional tax” burden. This is what the “rich” have done and will do. Ultimately, the tax burden will fall on the middle class, in the end, if the rich are not paying for increased spending, somebody will.

    The above is just one of the philosophical differences that I have with Obama but the alternative of a McCain-Palin admin frightens me more and if McCain were to win, we all better pray that he lives four years because a Palin presidency – right now… and have her lead the country… may God have mercy on us.

  13. The Bible says: Thou Shalt not Murder. There is a difference between kill and murder. Anti-war? Check out his scenario. Suppose when the rebs fired on Fort Sumpter, Presiden Lincoln would have sent the US diplomatic corps to negotiate with the southerners. He could easily have said: Well, you people have a point. Just remain as slave states and cecede from the union. We’ll maintain our non-slave states up north. No, that’s not what happened. The north and south went to war. There were 618,000 war dead! In the “Battle of Gettysburg” Casualties: 51,112 (23,049 Union and 28,063 Confederate) ONE BATTLE!! Just think if there had not been a US Civil War. How much longer would slavery have lasted?

  14. Thank You Vshdst well put. I am not tryin to insult this brotha however I have to ask what is worse. my conundrum is that while I disagree with abortion I won’t have myself, my people and our intelligence and intellect belittled or berated by McCain’s republicans that he is so proud of. So what this brotha is telling me is he can overlook the stereotyping and the lies that we see on the air and the internet from all types of white and black republicans. I feel for black republicans right now because this party’s true nature is coming to light. the horrid bigotry of some of these McCain supporters! and he says he is PROUD of these dumbasses and has the nerve to talk about ACORN! I guess this brotha is proud that these folks are doing everything but calling him and other black repubs niggers. well to a degree they are calling you a nigger just in an intellectual way and not to your face all the time. I know these white people can’t believe that there are black folks still willling to defend Good Massa to the death and follow him straight to hell even in the face of the truth like this brotha in the video. I aint never got a job from a poor person-bruh please!that statement just burns my yellow brown ass(aaahhhhhhh!!!)Once again I ask when have you ever had a self fulfilling career unfettered by fear and prejudice where you were paid just as much as or more than your white counterparts, promoted on merit and respected for what you knew and brought to the job and this was given to you by a rich white man or a rich black man that hasn’t sold his soul? Bruh when you find this job and they advertise it I will be the first N-word in line with a curriculum vitae,a resume, and a $1,000 blue Armani suit with black Bostonian loafers on. till then I’ll keep fighting and networking with down to earth living in reality brothas and sistas who are about business connections and leveraging finances to obtain community generational wealth for our children’s children’s children.

  15. I tried to watch this with an open mind, but……
    The biggest problem I’ve had with this election is the labeling. “The Liberals” this. “Right-wing propaganda machine” that. It all is divisive.

    Let’s be honest that most of the government programs out there are not completely for the working class. Republicans and Democrats included. Our government has failed us in a lot of ways recently; however, I personally do not feel all of the problems can be blamed on one party.

    Your brain-washing comments…disabling. It made me laugh for you to say you escaped the plantation. “You Liberals”… If you want to vote for McCain/Palin and want to support the Republican party, then just do it. For every Democrat you mentioned as a part of the system of failure, there is someone and something equally disabling from the other party, too.

    To say that Sarah Palin is “packed” with anything “knowledgeable”, is what made me question your insight. Let’s be honest…as much as I respect McCain and his service to our country, that decision was one of the weakest one’s his campaign has made, and that was truly a classic example of an attempt to “brain-wash” followers.

    I am not waiting for anyone to make me happy, and neither am I voting for Obama solely because he is Black. I respect that you want to be a member of the Republican party. I just do not agree with the points made in this video…

  16. Vote for the candidate and not the party! Until the addition of Gov Palin to the equation, there was very little between Obama and McCain’s positions. With the exception of the war and abortion. It’s true, don’t be fooled if the Repubs wanted to end abortion they could have done it. They accuse Dems of pandering to folks with govt programs, well abortion and taxes have been their carrott a long time. If everyone had to write a check for their taxes every month and not had it taken out before you got your money, I believe plenty of minds would change. Why hasn’t any party moved for true tax reform? Because that’s how they keep the confusion going. Keep everyone emotional and no one will pay attention to what is really going on. I’m against abortion, higher taxes, and govt programs that don’t do what they are intended to do. I’m an independent that voted for GWB in 2000 because I thought he would bring honor to Presidency. (Wrong) I voted for him again (2004 while I was in Iraq) because I Kerry had no real plan to end the war sensibly. John McCain had a slim chance for my vote because he bucked the Repub party plenty of times. His choice of Palin (what experience) and how the party base has shown their true feelings made the decision to go with Obama an urgent choice. I would never call a black Republican an Uncle Tom, but after witnessing the tone of so many in the party-I start to wonder. The Dems are not faultless either, but atleast Obama has a making the Repubs check themselves. We are overdue for breaking up these Dynasties called Dems and Repubs.

  17. D Tiger-

    I respectfully diagree with you. There is no difference between the words “kill” and “murder” because they both equal death. I think there is much pandering…ahem…I mean, POLITICS going on between both candidates. McPalin won’t end abortion and Obiden won’t stop a ban on gay marriage. I’ve listened to both very closely and NEITHER have been firm on this. I’m sure if you research this (if you haven’t already) you’ll find the same. For me, this election bils down to who exercises the best judgement across the board. Although I don’t agree with Obama on some of the issues, he is ready to be POTUS and I will cast my vote for him and Biden.

  18. Even as a Democrat, I feel that both parties put on their “Light and Magic” show to sway those INDECISIVE voters their way.

    This guy has some good points, but I think the attacks are AT LEAST equal on both sides.

    I would bet that this guy made this video BEFORE all of the attacks on Obama being a Terrorist or linked to Terrorist. Or this certainly was made before that nice young 20 year old girl said that she was attacked by a 6’4 tall Black Man who carved a backwards B on her cheek.

    I can agree with this guy that Liberals do go too far and that the Entertainment Industry and the Media are usually one sided, however, he is just like all of his Liberal opponents or Conservative brethern when he points a finger at the other side without analyzing what HIS party is doing wrong or their mantra to make people Slaves to the system.

    Everyone has had their hand in this mess. The fact is that President G.W. has had his hand in the cookie jar longer than anyone during this mess!!!!

    That is why CHANGE is needed!

  19. I betchu sick now aincha potna!! aaaahhhaaa haaaa haaaaahaaaaah!!!!1 Barack kick yo boy’s aaassssssss. cali was so blue it made you look purple!! Well jes be happy ISF(Intellectual Steppin Fetchit) nah itz time tuh mek yo nice escuse vidjo fo yo Good Massa McCain esplainin’ why he lawst!

  20. Excellent!!! I pray every black person sees this video. Every point made is true.

    Also I need to respond to someone who commented comparing abortion and war as it refers to the Bible. 1. Killing and murder are to different things biblically. In war there is killing. Abortion is murder. The commandment “Thou shall not kill” (when you research) can actually read “Thou shalt not murder. 2. In war there is usually equal enemies. Abortion is totally one-sided. 3. Biblically, God has never called for abortion even when children were gotten in idolatry, which is against Him. Yet, God has called for war, several times. 4. The mistake or wrong was the sin of fornication, adultery, or the awful rape committed against someone that might have brought conception, NOT the child. Life is not a mistake, God does not make them and only He can give life. And in that bad choice or horrible situation, He decided to bring life. People choose abortion to hide there sin or shame, but that’s what Christ is for. In Him there is no sin or shame. He loves you anyway and knew that you could bring a beautiful baby in this world.

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