Who’s the Ninja* Now? America’s Hidden Ignorance

Obama Faces Racism in West Virginia

[* – We who refuse to drop the N-Bomb must seek creative alternatives]

I know we’re late finding this video, but I’m sure the subject matter hasn’t changed in the past three weeks since the West Virginia Primary.

Now, I’m the FIRST one to point out the proverbial mirror when it comes to the perception of African Americans globally. We look like buffoons to the rest of the world because of what “we” (yeah, I’ll own it for the sake this discussion) put out in public image.

What I find upsetting is the unbalanced coverage that African-Americans receive, not only as an inaccurate caricature summary of us as a people, but is even promotes the acting out and emulation of negative stereotypes. It’s a negative cycle, and it sucks.

The crazy thing is that stories like the one above will never be aired on mainstream network television or on BET (that “E” is half the problem in itself). The truth that Black American’s are not the only “N-words” in America, just doesn’t fit the alibi.

After all, somebody has be to Ninja, now.

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  1. Too bad for West Virgnia that Obama is going to win anyway. Dang, I wish I could be there to hear how many times Ninja will come out of their mouths in November.

  2. It’s funny how the focus is on one over the other, where the people clearly would rather vote outside of their politicial beliefs just to confirm their sterotypical beliefs. The sad thing is, there is no such thing as the country of Black and/or White anywhere; so why are “we” calling ourselves one or the other, not to mention mixed? The fact is, according to their own laws, legislation, and paths (i.e. constitutional, KKK’s manual the KLORAN, K of C, etc), a negro, black, or colored can NEVER be a citizen of the United States (refer to the Dred Scott decision that was never overturned).

    Tee lack of understanding, innerstadning, and overstanding is becomig all too cliche, as the examples we leave our younger generations are reduced to BET, MTV, reality shows, and COPS. When will accept our birthright (knowledge), as opposed to Hosea 4:5? Otherwise, we’re going to continue this cycle of abuse, regardless of who’s President. Peace and blessings!

  3. I never knew people were so ignorant. Grant it, I understand the race issue all to well because I’m Black. I could never justify to the generations after me that I voted opposite my party/belief because I was too selfish to see the bigger picture. Wow! Rednecks certainly do exist.

  4. It’s truly amazing how fearful these people are. Barack Obama will win and “these people” will unite and ALL vote for McCain…So encourage everyone you know to VOTE! It’s time we make those who don’t vote feel uncomfortable about (especially within our own circles). Please…help someone register to vote…educate them and encourage them to exercise their right to be heard. Now, is the time. Later may be too late.

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