10 + 1 Reasons to Head to the Book Store this Month (Feb ’11)

#1 – What is my dog thinking –  Gwen Bailey

Great concept.  One of my dogs is over 10 years old and I swear he can speak English.  Now that I got dog down, I’m sure its just a matter of time before I start to understand women.

#2 – Better: A Surgeons Notes on Performance –  Atul Gawande

Very cool cover. Its really a beautiful minimalist design.  Also the forward is written by Malcolm Gladwell; cool endorsement.  I really don’t know what to expect from this book, but I get a mental picture of Dr. Giggles.

#3 – The Frugalista Files – Natalie McNeal

We JUST featured Natalie in our People on the Move section.  So it was cool to see her book on the display table for new releases. *Ahem* Anybody seen my autographed copy???

#4 – Super Rich – Russell Simmons

This was the primary reason I hit the store this trip.  Having just interviewed Russell on the book I figured I’d better go beyond the cliff notes.  I’m 20% through it now and its great.

#5 – The Last Lecture – Randy Pausch

This book has been on my list for over a year.  Amazing story. What would YOU do if you knew you were gong to die within the year?  What would you leave us with?

Mag #1 – Maxim – Olivia Munn Photo Shoot

It’s OBVIOUSLY not just me that has it in for Olivia.  Fellas who among us can resist a woman who attends Comic Con and wears a Wonder Woman outfit for no reason at all.

Mag #2 – GQ – 25 Coolest Athletes of All Time

Cool Jordan throwback on the cover, but if the worlds coolest auto racer Steve McQueen isn’t on the list, put it back.

Mag #3 – New York Magazine – The Remaking of the President

Any reasonable media on the President is cool with me.  Why? Because he’s a cool guy. Mr. Obama is going gray, as most presidents do.  Will he campaign for a second term?  If so, will his campaign manager pull out the Grecian formula?

Mag #4 – Complex – Inside Kanye West’s MBDTF Album

Kanye said he was tired of covers with just his face, I guess he got over it. The official released album as aaight, however the pre-release leaks were and are still amazing works of art.  The mini movie for Runaway was ALSO amazing.  Well done Sir.  Reupholster anything lately?

Mag #5 – Glamour – Yet Another Kim Kardashian Cover

As Kim spreads her shirt to ever so gently caress her bra on this cover, THIS is how I know that girls like girls. And we, the fellas, like that. Not enough to read Glamour, but enough to notice.

Mag #6 – Knit Simple – Beautiful Cover

I don’t know too many… ANY Black women that knit.  That being said I think it’s awesome of the publishers of Knit Simple to choose a pretty Black model to grace the cover this month. Hooray for diversity and inclusion!

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  1. you do know black women that knit…you just don’t know they knit…i know of three from HU…and you know them too…LOL

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