How do you make your “lemonade?”

What do you do with your lemons….

Life is full of lemon trees. At times it can seem like the journey is through a vast grove of lemon trees. Then the dusty axiom is quoted: “When life gives you lemons…make lemonade.” But sometimes I just want to say “Get the f*ck outta here with that dang cliché. Life is giving me so many lemons I got bruises!” But then I see or hear of something that gets me out of my funk, depression, stinking-thinking. I watched this clip and was amazed at what this man did with the lemons life threw at him. Gracias Papi! ¡Usted es el mejor! I’m inspired and ready to dance and make limoncello!

Tell me what do you do with your lemons?

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  1. I love the perspective of your soul that allows you to give homage to someone who many would laugh or gawk at.

  2. FAMU Rattler! Thanks for your comment. Yeah this is an amazing video that has got me amped. Life is precious. We have all that we need.

  3. Second the opinion of Niasha – what a beautiful soul you possess. Thanks for the reality check this AM.

  4. Sometimes when life is giving you lemons you have to make lemonade, lemon pound cake, lemon pie and anything else that would turn something that is so sour into something so sweet. But often times you can learn a lot from a lemon. We seem to grow a lot of our own lemon trees.

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