“Natural Beauty is Beautiful”

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Perming a 3year old’s hair?? Do you consider this child abuse? Is this mother going to far to conform to social pressure?

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  1. abuse!!! strong word but I'm more on that side than not. something just doesn't sit well with me on perming a 3YEAR olds hair…jeesh.

  2. I dont think small children need their hair permed. I think mothers should take the time to care for their daughters' natural hair until they are teenagers. At that point I don't even think chemicals are necessary. A little tlc goes a long way. 3yo is definitely too young!

  3. Definitely abuse! It has gotten to a point that we are so obsessed with mainstream definition of beauty (i.e. straight hair etc) that we don't even pay attention to what is and is not appropriate. A child's scalp is not mature enough to stand up to the harsh chemicals in relaxers. Most experts will tell you that you should not put such chemicals on a young childs hair before age 5.

    Personally, my mother would not allow my sisters and I to get chemicals on our hair until we were in our junior year in high school.

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