Nia! A Star in our midst


That’s apparently what we were doing during the Roundup Rendezvous. The whole time we were out in Punta Cana getting to know each other we had NO IDEA that a future STAR was at the other end of the table. Ms. Nia Frazier, the 6 year old, Spanish reading, confident, obviously well adjusted little girl that was hanging out with us ‘old people’ is a well known personality already. I heard she sang but I couldn’t get a song out of her while we were away. Hey, I understand, she was on VACATION. Besides, Denzel said “If they see you for free Thursday night, they won’t pay to see you on Friday.”

I know I’m late, but allow me to (re)introduce Nia.

-BeMor AKA Be. Cornelius

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