Marketing: Get on Then Put Yourself On!

Spotted on Roundup Russy’s Blog

While we were in L.A. @ “The Foxxhole” Sirius Radio Show with Co-host and SU alum, Lavell Crump bka David Banner, he said something that stayed with me.. when he was asked about his entrance into the Hollywood movie world. He replied in saying, “Rap is just a venue that allows you to be a walking billboard. You [hopefully] have millions of viewers now, so it’s time for you to market what else you want to do”

This was a perfect example of that.. Wu-Tang was on top of their game and recognized that people loved the group so much that they could just sell the shirts off of their back with their group logo on it. It went even further and they began to sell shirts for the individual artists.. the “W” upside down for Method man and the “W” sideways for GZA.

This is very inspirational and amazing that these shirts are still selling!! They may not be in Macy’s anymore, but I guarantee if you own one and you see one for sale in your local urban retailer, you automatically think about the physical condition of your one at home, “Can I still get some more washes out of mine” or “Is my “W” still intact or did it start to crack yet?”

So, the phrase of the day is: “Get on then put yourself on”

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