The basis of the rebuttal

This is a quick snippet of a common ongoing discussion that was centered around Bill Cosby’s initial indictment of Black Parents a couple years ago. Alumni Roundup recently featured Mr. Cosby and bequeathed the title “America’s Father”, based majorly on his repeated portrayal of positive role models in the media.

One of our contributors, Maurice Dolberry, who is an educator, and in our mind clearly a part of “the solution” to some of Black America’s recurring issues problems presents a strong argument against Cosby’s stance. Mo’s position is stated clearly and featured this week here on the site.

Recently, on a trip to Miami for an HBCU Alumni charity scholarship event (no it’s not all parties) Mo and I got to sit down and rehash a few points. The resurgence of this conversation is partly due to the recent similar indictment by Barack Obama in his Father’s Day address.

Were interested in reading what you have to say.

PS: For fairness sake, this clip is a very small snippet of a much larger discussion. Police brutality is a major problem n the US, especially involving inner city blacks. Arguing for better parenting in this clip does not mean that I excuse the transgressions of the Police.

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  1. I heard that he was to eager do a Eastenders cameo lmao. Not sure how true this is, has anyone else heard it? There’s a bit of me that sort of hopes this is true lol.

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