The Thanksgiving Top 10: What I Am and Am Not Thankful For

Thanksgiving is such a special day, such a special time. For me, it’s that one time of the year where I truly take a break to reflect upon the many blessings bestowed upon me by The Creator during the year…because, let’s face it, when it comes to efficiency and productivity the year is pretty much over!

As I was making a list of ten things that I am grateful for on this Thanksgiving, I kept coming up with an equal amount of things that also annoyed the heck out of me in 2011 (I won’t curse today).

So I made two lists – like to read ’em? Here it goes!

I Am Thankful For…

10. Astro – If you’re a fan of hip hop then you HAVE to be a fan of this 15-year-old from Brooklyn who is breathing life back into the genre on FOX’s X Factor; dude is the truth. He had a bratty moment a couple of weeks ago when he landed in the bottom two, but he’s a 15-year-old from Brooklyn…shouldn’t that be expected?

9. The 2011 NBA Playoffs – It was awesome. A great game every single night that culminated with the “do it the right way” Dallas Mavericks taking home the title.

8. Technology – Instagram, Siri, Spotify, Tumblr, etc. Technology and means to access and share information continue to get better and become more accessible to laymen. Steve Jobs would be so proud.

7. Freedom – As much as we complain about the good ol’ U.S. of A., there are a number of freedoms that I am glad to enjoy. Access to information (see previous listing) so I can learn whatever I want; the freedom to decide, “You know what…I want to take photos and create videos…” Thank you, America!

6. Waka Flocka Flame – You need a dose of ignorance. Much like penicillin has a small amount of the very elements it is trying to fight off, WAKA! Is my ignorance infection of choice (pause, if necessary). I am thankful for his songs getting stuck in my hand, giving me an excuse to walk around mumbling, “Bust it/Bust it/B-b-bust it…”

5. Barack Obama – Barack Obama is this era’s one person worthy of being hung on the wall of Black American’s all over the country, a la that MLK/JFK/RFK photo that I know you’ve seen hung in that older relative’s home (no lie, my aunt has hand a version of it hung in her house easily since before I was born. He probably will be remembered for what his election meant to us more than what he actually accomplished (not all his fault; politics get tricky), but that’s cool, because now there is no reason that my future son – or daughter – can’t grow up truly believing her or she can also become President of the United States of America

4. My Career – I am able to wake up and do work that, in turn, someone believes is worthy of me to be paid for. Who couldn’t be grateful for that!?

3. Friends and Family – My family and friends are one in the same. If we’re really friends then you’re family and vice versa. In talking about my career. I have literally made thousands of dollars this year thanks to the people close to me hiring me or because of their referrals. I love the people around me like you couldn’t imagine.

2. Marriage – It is work. I tell people often that marriage is not for everyone…it can be painful at times (trust me…), but forgiveness is the key and something I am grateful for because a lesser woman would have long dropped me like a bad habit. I’m just being honest. I am super thankful for my marriage and my lovely wife.

1. Life – Because with life comes ample opportunities to be and do better. So I am most thankful for that on this day of reflection and promise to never take it for granted…you know, besides during the time I will be stuffing my face with mounds of dressing later on this day of feasting.

I am NOT Thankful For…

10. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Marriage/Divorce – Sure, we all knew they were going to divorce eventually. Even soon…but but 72 days soon!? I’ve been constipated longer than that! TMI? Eh.

9. Herman Cain – Where’d this negro Bizarro come from!? Why is he being taken seriously!?

8. The NBA Lockout – I would lie and say I enjoy college basketball like the next man, but frankly, I don’t. I want to see Lebron, Wade, Kobe, and Dirk back on the court ASAP. I grew up a die hard NBA fan (“NBA Action is FANTASTIC!”) and I can’t change it now. It’s too late. While I do want the players to get compensated what they deserve (they shouldn’t have come down off of the 57% split, in my opinion), ultimately, I just want to see the pros get back on the court…and charge me too damn much to see them play.

7. The Basic Chick – Don’t get it twisted. The one pointing out “the basic chick” is nine times out of ten…the basic chick herself. You know her. Same black weave, same form-fitting skirt, same mirror pose – lips puckered, of course (who finds that sh*t attractive!?) – on Facebook…and has the nerve to call other females basic. She’s from the same place as Cain, for sure.

6. Social Media Prophets – You know too many of them. The one’s that are always sharing their “knowledge” with us lowly souls. You can tell they’re copy and pasting their “thoughts” because it’s the only time there are no grammatical errors in their status updates or tweets. Here’s a thought: SHUT THE HELL UP!

5. Black People vs. Statistics – Oh boy. See my full-fledge rant on this one here.

4. Terrible DJs – I’m out a lot because I photograph a number of nightlife events, and I will tell you this…we’re letting too many terrible DJs “get on”. For real. What kind of friend are we by not telling these DJs that they suck. Horribly. Just last Thursday I was one Corona away (because whose machismo doesn’t escalate upon the consumption of Coronas) from boo’ing a DJ. Apollo-style. Arms flailing and all. He was woefully bad. Probably the worst I have ever heard. I know it’s a lot of promoters. I know it’s a lot of parties. However, that is NO excuse to let a terrible DJ control the sounds. Hell…just put Pandora on.

3. Reality TV – How much more can we consume!? I don’t blame the creators. I blame the consumers *shakes angry fists at folks who watch Basketball Wives, Love and Hip Hop and Bad Girls Club* …truth be told, I f**ks with NeNe on Real Housewives of Atlanta though *shakes head in palm of own hands in shame*

2. Twitter’s Trending Topic Trickery – the misses @Angieluvboo refuses to believe that @Twitter would prevent #TroyDavis and/or #OccupyWallStreet from trending. C’mon, ma’am *looks at current trends*, you don’t think enough people were bought into those causes to have either appear in the top-10 of trending topics!? *looks at current trends* #Whatmoneycantbuy is at the top right now! Give me a break! Twitter was up to some trickery and if I didn’t want to be left out of the social loop I would quit Twitter right now! Ha ha ha…but serious, though.

1. Jerry Sandusky – I don’t think I need to say anything about that guy. I’m just mad no one has created some type of correlation between him and Herbert from “Family Guy”. Too soon, maybe?

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

Johnny J. Jones is a sometimes jerk, but overall good guy. A digital media specialist, connect with Johnny at


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