Who will police the Police?

The police were caught on tape beating a man, who was already unconscious and then covered it up by hiding the tape for over a year. Isn’t that criminal? Why were they only fired? Should police officers be allowed to get emotional?

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  1. I feel a certain way…………but If someone in my family was hurt by that clown in the van. I might feel he deserved it……….really I cant see how anyone doesn't say he deserved it.

  2. Granted I'm not a police officer, but dude, how much of a threat is a man lying on the ground unconcious?

  3. Termination should have been the beginning for these officers. Clearly the man was unconscious. Criminal charges should be brought against them and if I was the suspect I would have a civil suit ready also. If its not to be tolerated then an example needs to be made out of those officers.

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