Leaving Home: An HBCU Story – Episode One

“Leaving Home: An HBCU Story” is a brainchild of Rustin “Roundup Russy” Moore that began as a Kickstarter film project entitled “First 48: HBCU Edition”. Since shot in August of 2011 in Los Angeles, CA and on the campus of NCAT in Greensboro, NC there have been some challenges (As described in Russy’s Director’s Notes) but we are proud to deliver a 100% creative project from Alumni Roundup.

“I wanted to bring the HBCU experience to children who may not have the opportunity to go on HBCU tours. I think it will also be a resource to parents to ease their concerns of sending their child off to school at one of our sacred institutions. My goals are to 1. Expose our youth to more positive HBCU content 2. Revolutionize the admissions and recruiting methods of HBCU’s by delivering a virtual tour/documentary.”
– Roundup Russy

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Thank you
-Alumni Roundup Staff

10 responses to “Leaving Home: An HBCU Story – Episode One”

  1. I love this idea. I hope this video finds its way into the hands of college bound students. Looking forward to part 2

  2. GreatIdea! CONGRATULATIONS!How can we get this information to junior high/middle school students? Kudos to A&T for being chosen as a pacesetter. “AGGIE PRIDE”

  3. This is an excellent idea. I strongly agree with what you are doing as far as having current students and alum beat the drum for their beloved alma maters. We need projects like this to be seen by kids who are too scared to leave home or don’t know anything about the HBCU World. It’s a BEAUTIFUL Place

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