Jazzy Jeff and Skillz are TALKING ABOUT YOU Hanging out at CIAA :)

Ha! Jazzy Jeff and his team are on the road AS USUSAL, and into their second season documenting their journeys via their web show “Vinyl Destination.”

In this episode, the season opener, Jeff and Skillz discuss their experience with the crowd during the CIAA Tournament. I won’t lie, I literally laughed out loud.

Watch with caution, as you might see yourself in the video. Or worse, your moms.

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Santigold, Big Daddy Kane, Eric Roberson and more. The 3rd Annual ONE Music Fest: Atlanta, GA

Labor Day Weekend
The 3rd Annual ONE Musicfest
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Young Guru Responds to “Paris vs Poorest” via Video

“Paris vs Poorest” is a poignant statement of perspective. Maurice “Mo the Educator” Dolberry‘s depiction of the two sides of the coin that Yasiin Bey and Jay-Z and Kanye West portray caught the attention of the Pillars of Hip Hop embodied including Chuck D, various notable DJs and far from least, recording engineer to the Rocafella lineup, Young Guru.

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Paris vs Poorest: Occupy the Throne? Or Rip it From its Foundation?

Released 47 years to the day after the assassination of Malcolm X, Yasiin Bey offers the video for his counternarrative to Jay-Z and Kanye’s luxury rap, club-banger. Equipped with the glyph and all – the stylized Arabic writing for “Yasiin” flashes on the screen throughout the video – the emcee formerly known as Mos Def goes line for line and concept for concept as he reps/raps for the conditions faced by the “Niggas in Poorest” who couldn’t make the trip to France with the two multimillionaires.

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Interracial Dating in Post-Racial America

Is this a post racial America?

“Nigger in a Northface” by Legit, illustrates the complexity and turmoil surrounding an interracial couple.

What do you think?


The Power of Being Authentic – Karmin

“Do You.”
It’s a message that means nothing more than be your authentic self, and play YOUR role in the big picture. I love seeing examples of people who find ways to show the world their talent, and work hard at it. It becomes just a matter of time before their passion and time investment become well known. At that point most start thinking they “blew up overnight.”

“Look at me now…” -Amy and Nick

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Nas and Damian Marley: Distant Relatives

Whether it was divine intervention, commercial interest or something else entirely that brought them together, God’s son and the son of a musical god have joined forces for their new collaborative album Distant Relatives and the results are nothing short of a revelation. With Marley tampering down Nas’ tendency towards self-obsession, and Nas giving Marley’s island-tinged sound a hip-hop edge, Distant Relatives proves that great music can still be made about important issues. Distant Relatives isn’t afraid to think big. The album’s overarching theme is the global connection of black people, and by extension, all people. Admirably, part of the proceeds will go towards building a school in Africa, and the other part of the proceeds will go towards buying Kelis new shoes. Sorry, was that an inappropriate time for a child support joke?


Saunders Sermons – “Classic Delight”


Saunders Sermons is one of the most laid back dude’s I’ve ever met. After 5 minutes of casual conversation you will pick it up in his speech pattern, his choice of words, and his demeanor. Slide, Saunders’ nickname as he is a trombone player as well as a singer, is one cool brother.

I met him in a recording studio session in New York with Coco Brown this winter. Saunders was recording a hook for an upcoming release Coco was preparing. Layer after layer, the tedium of the recording process can often be like watching paint dry, but before long the art began to show. The finished product was beautiful.


Classic Delight is Saunders’ album, consisting of only 7 tracks, housed behind a simple unassuming cover. The album is a consistent reflection of the artists personality; as the music is smooth, contemplative, vocal jazz. In his covers of “Gee Baby” and “Straighten up and Fly Right” Saunders sounds like an artist made for another time. He and his band’s vocal and instrumental execution is excellent.

Classic Delight is an unexpected surprise. The album is best described as subtly addictive as it plays in our office often on repeat. People pass me on the way to the coffee pot humming the songs. Its dope. Pick it up.

Pick up Classic Delight on itunes.