Ernie and Bert x MOP: Ante Up!!!

This video touches me on two KEY levels: My childhood LOVE of Ernie and Bert, and the pure adrenalin rush that this song still brings me when I hear it.

It all swirls together to become the insanity that it is.

Enjoy it.


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  1. Gadzooks!!, say it aint so ! Great Edit – I can tell this guy took lotsa time to make this work of art!

    It sends great shivers down my spine.

    Can we hear a remix of Public Enemy please …

  2. It’s the greatest !!!

    When Ernie jumps out from behind the chair at 42secs is Killen it !!!

    Unbelievably Dope !

    New School Knows Nothing Bout This !

  3. I have this video on my page its’ been there for two monthes and everybody commented so I left it up. I fell for it as soon as I saw it!

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