Grammy Award Winning Producer Teaches Music to Elementary School Students

Some budding musicians in Atlanta are learning the art of songwriting from one of the best in the biz.

It’s part of a program meant to expand their horizons.

It is no ordinary lesson at Carter G. Woodson Elementary School and Chris Henderson is no ordinary teacher.

In fact, Henderson is no teacher at all. He’s a Grammy award-winning songwriter and producer. He’s written and produced songs for artists like Jamie Foxx, R. Kelly and Trey Songz, but for the last few weeks, his most important client have been the students in the ASCAP’s America Scores program.

“I was so excited to meet him! I felt like a famous person. I was going to meet Chris Henderson and I was going to the studio and everything,” said student Tatiyanna Love.

But before they could get in the studio, they had to learn how to write a song. The program, which enlist top professionals to lend their talents to inner city schools, is meant to showcase the kids’ creativity and expose them to careers they may not have thought was within their reach.

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