Urban Fiction Receives a Gem with A.D. Wright’s release of “I Live: A novel without Heroes”

I Live: A novel without heroes has the natural allure of sex, love and violence, as found in most mainstream urban fiction novels, but with a subtle twist.

Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, the story begins with a young man in transition, both figuratively and literally, returning to his old neighborhood after spending several years in prison due to a questionable arrest.

Bitter from his experiences, he sees life as unfair and decides to create his own just reality. He executes this plan by organizing a local group of miscreants into a “Robin Hood” criminal enterprise. During his adventures, he falls in love, starts a mini-revolution, and makes a few friends and enemies along the way.

The story ends as most antihero tales do—unexpectedly.

“I wrote this novel because it’s a story that I would enjoy reading,” said author A.D. Wright. “It encompasses all that I’ve read and watched in my lifetime. It speaks to a group of people that is rarely reached and hard to define by design: the kind of people who like hip hop, blue grass and classical; people who have reality TV in the background while they study for law school; people who value cubism as much as street art. My kind of people.”

Written mostly in first person, this thought provoking and suspenseful journey allows the reader to grow with a charismatic protagonist. Vivid descriptions and engaging dialogue whisk the reader into the mind of an intelligent outlaw experiencing the nuances of an unyielding and unjust city.

I Live packages the complex concepts of justice, ethics, religion, love, brotherhood and law and order into an entertaining action-drama.

Available on these e-tailers:
Amazon | Kindle
Barnes and Noble | Nook

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