I’m So LOST: Season 6 Episode 4


“Oh C’mon!”

 This was definitely a John Locke episode.  Locke is the only character that exists this season in triplicate – Alternate universe John Locke that’s still in a wheelchair, Dead John Locke who was just buried and lastly Smoke Monster John Locke.   And once again we were presented with our number sequence 4 8 15 16 23 42, but this time we have names associated with each number:

4 – LOCKE (John)

8 – REYES (Hugo)

15 – FORD, (James)

16 – JARRAH, (Sayid)

23 – SHEPHARD (Jack)

42 – KWON (Jin or Sun)

Immediately, I started thinking of who didn’t make the list of “Candidates” and among those were Claire, Aaron, Charlie, Michael, Walt, Rose, Bernard and (most shockingly) Kate. 

  1. Sorry Kate, not only are you not Sawyer’s candidate for marriage, you didn’t make the island’s list of candidates either.  (womp womp)
  2. Richard doesn’t age, but he sure does bleed.  Why?
  3. Fake John Locke rides in to Iggy and the Stooges, “Search and Destroy” – “I’m a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm.  I’m a runaway son of the nuclear a-bomb.  I am a world’s forgotten boy.  The one who searches and destroys.”  I thought that was an interesting song choice.
  4. Can I get a big shout out to my girl Rose?  I mean seriously, we always debate the personality of our favorites but Rose has never been wrong.  (Must be a black history month thing)
  5. “42-KWON…not sure if it’s Jin or Sun…” – Could it be baby Kwon?
  6. Who is this Alana woman and why did she know that fake John Locke could no longer change forms and Ben didn’t?  Maybe Ben isn’t as high on the totem pole as he would have us believe.

So what did you think of this weeks episode?  I wonder who will be the center of attention next week!?!?

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  1. You forgot:
    7. Was the boy who warned the UnLocke, “remember you can’t kill him” Aaron or ghost of Jacob past?

    8. If we assume “him” is Sawyer, does that mean MiB/UnLocke can’t kill any of the candidates (people listed above) either?

    9. Where is home for MiB/UnLocke? It’s not The Temple like I first thought.

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