I’m so LOST: Season 6 Episodes 5 and 6


“Hey Mom!”


First I HAVE to apologize for last week.   Some days, being a new mom has it’s price.  But what a week to miss!!!  We met Jack’s son, David…we still don’t know who his mother is, but apparently this MF actually had sex in his alternate universe!  Who would have thought?!?!?  And he’s still a cryer?  I mean really…c’mon son, how many times can Jack cry in one episode?

But alas, a lot of my questions were answered this week from last week with the exception of these few:

  1.  108 degrees…Wasn’t this one of Daniel Farraday’s coordinates?  Does anyone remember?
  2. Have all the visions of Christian been Esau (Flocke?)
  3. Interesting the parallels of Claire and Russo.  Lesson: Don’t separate a mother from her cub.

I’m So LOST: Season 6 Episode 4


“Oh C’mon!”

 This was definitely a John Locke episode.  Locke is the only character that exists this season in triplicate – Alternate universe John Locke that’s still in a wheelchair, Dead John Locke who was just buried and lastly Smoke Monster John Locke.   And once again we were presented with our number sequence 4 8 15 16 23 42, but this time we have names associated with each number:

4 – LOCKE (John)

8 – REYES (Hugo)

15 – FORD, (James)

16 – JARRAH, (Sayid)

23 – SHEPHARD (Jack)

42 – KWON (Jin or Sun)

Immediately, I started thinking of who didn’t make the list of “Candidates” and among those were Claire, Aaron, Charlie, Michael, Walt, Rose, Bernard and (most shockingly) Kate. 


I’m So LOST: Season 6 Episode 3


“He’s alive…”

Indeed he is, but is he still Sayid Hassan Jarrah?  That is still yet to be determined.  This week’s episode ROCKED!!! (Quite surprising because it didn’t have one glimpse of Benjamin Linus and/or John Locke).  I’m in a particularly fun mood today, so let’s just get to it.

  1. The Other Others are on some other shit and tried to kill Sayid.
  2. Sawyer is now officially competing with Jack for “The Bitch of the Year” award.
  3. Kate & Claire meet in the parallel universe while Island Kate’s sole purpose of going back to the island was to find Claire.
  4. In an eerie twist, ETHAN is the OBGYN…the same Ethan that tried to steal Aaron on the Island
  5. Oh.  Did I forget to mention that the Japanese leader man’s name is Dogan and he is the leader of the other others???  More to come on whether or not Ben is his boss or the other way around.
  6. Jack, in his bid for Bitch of the Year, ate a mysterious pill which would have killed him (NOTE:  He’s a fucking DOCTOR…He’s trained to know better)…Fortunately, Japanese dude Dogan slapped him in the throat and performed the Heimlich before it was too late.
  7. Kate goes chasing after Sawyer…she cries when she realizes that she was just a piece of tail in a polar bear cage.
  8. Hugo and Jin just meander around waiting to be actually used in the story line.
  9. Long lost Claire shows up Russo style shooting people and looking militant and crazy…maybe Dogan was right about her evilness.

Now I’m finished…Next Week…The Return of Evil John Locke and Benjamin Linus!!!