I’m so LOST: Season 6 Episodes 5 and 6


“Hey Mom!”


First I HAVE to apologize for last week.   Some days, being a new mom has it’s price.  But what a week to miss!!!  We met Jack’s son, David…we still don’t know who his mother is, but apparently this MF actually had sex in his alternate universe!  Who would have thought?!?!?  And he’s still a cryer?  I mean really…c’mon son, how many times can Jack cry in one episode?

But alas, a lot of my questions were answered this week from last week with the exception of these few:

  1.  108 degrees…Wasn’t this one of Daniel Farraday’s coordinates?  Does anyone remember?
  2. Have all the visions of Christian been Esau (Flocke?)
  3. Interesting the parallels of Claire and Russo.  Lesson: Don’t separate a mother from her cub.





“The meter doesn’t stop until you get out, pal…”

The meter doesn’t stop and neither does Sayid Jarrah!  I don’t know about you, but I LOOOOOOVE Sayid centric episodes.  They are always packed with good stuff: revelations, blood brawls and all sorts of things to keep the viewer on the edge of their seat.  Alright, let’s get the breakdown started:


  1. Sayid Jarrah = SLUMDOG KILLIONAIRE!!!  Period.
  2.  His brother married his girl???  Sayid’s alternate universe SUCKS!!!
  3. What the FLOCKE?!?!?!  There was no blood on the knife!
  4. The military dude that killed Alex (Russo’s daughter) was Sayid’s brother’s lender?
  5. It’s official…Dogan is the shortest lived leader of the Others EVER!!  Dude only lasted 5 1/2 episodes.
  6. Is Claire going to kill Kate???  What was that look Flocke gave her when she came out of the temple?
  7. Will Sun ever find Jin?  Seriously, this shit is taking forever.


I can’t wait for next week.  Ben faces his demise???  Oh no!  Say it ain’t so.


One response to “I’m so LOST: Season 6 Episodes 5 and 6”

  1. You and me both, but WTF did Sayid go to the dark side?! That’s very NOT candidate behavior!

    1. 108 is the total of Hurley’s numbers and the time passed to push the button.

    2. That’s what I’m thinking. Maybe that’s why Illana said he can’t change forms anymore.

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