Is BET getting back to its Roots?

BET welcomes back a news anchor legend. Ed Gordon, a former anchor-host of news and interview shows on Black Entertainment Television and Emmy Award winner, is returning with his show “Conversations with Ed Gordon.”

Gordon is famous for interviewing politicians, celebrities, and journalists such as, Al Sharpton, Nelson Mendela, Opera Winfrey, Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson and plenty more.

First show airs October 3, 2010 at noon.

The show puts on view one on one interviews, provocative debates and discussions about the issues Black America face on a daily basis. It is made to talk about those issues that affect the black community and/or black person.

This show plans to positively influence black youth.

Deborah Lee, CEO of BET, says BET will also be introducing more black sitcoms in the coming year.

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