Just a really well written commercial. Nike SB x P-Rod x Cube.

Giving credit where credit is due. This commercial for Nike skateboarding is great for the fact that it is relevant to sever groups of very specific people. First it will work for skateboarders 1, because it’s Nike and they make awesome shoes, and 2 because of Paul Rodriguez who is one of the hottest big name street skaters and in my opinion has some of the best shoe designs. Second it will resonate with hip-hop fans, specifically fans of 90’s hip-hop (arguably the hay day of the genre’) who will immediately recognize the tune, and (no spoiler) the cameo at the end. Lastly, the longer shot, latino kids will surely enjoy seeing a face like theirs featured in a really cool commercial. Didn’t YOU love seeing Will Smith in Bad Boys, ID4 or any of his other early films when it felt like “your guy” was breaking through?

Enjoy the spot. Let me know if you like it.


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