Can ‘Invictus’ deliver on the promise of it’s subject matter?

There are sports movies and there’s ‘Invictus,’ the latest film from Clint Eastwood starring Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela, who, shortly after his presidential win in South Africa, tried to unite the country through the game of rugby.

While the sport itself isn’t as popular or familiar as football, basketball or baseball, the Oscar-worthy performances given by Freeman and Matt Damon are reasons enough to plan a trip to the theater.
‘Invictus’ marks the third time that Freeman and Eastwood have collaborated. The two worked together in ‘Unforgiven’ and ‘Million Dollar Baby.’ With this film, Morgan’s portrayal of Mandela is nearly flawless, as if playing the role was his calling. He has Mandela’s mannerisms and voice down pat. Damon, who always holds his own on screen, does more with his stares and actions than his dialogue.

Overall, the film is a vibrant, colorful and universally appealing.

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