The Trilogy Meter


(Via Dan Meth)

Being a movie buff, I love the fact that somebody actually built this chart, but it leaves me with a few questions and also a few disputes. To start:

    What are we considering the “Star Trek Trilogy?” Original cast first 3, or second 3 movies, OR TNG cast first 3 movies?
    They actually made a Jurassic Park 3???
    This speaks volumes about the quality of the Lord of the Rings movies. Agreed.
    Blade 2 may have been the best Marvel character movie ever.
    Remove Batman from the list. It’s been completely rebooted, the first 3 don’t stand a chance.

What are your thoughts? Should we add some of our own?

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  1. If you single out the Batman Trilogy, the more recent movies are getting better and better.. Batman Begins and Dark Knight blow the previous ones out of the water!

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