Pause: Boondocks vs Tyler Perry

The controversial satirical cartoon “The Boondocks” aimed at Tyler Perry in last nights episode. Please watch and comment. *This video may not be available for long*

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  1. I think the boondocks would make a great sociology or literature course and a HBCU. The satire in this comedy is unlike anything else on television. Aaron McGruder skillfully illustrates many of the cultural, psychological, and social issues within Black America in a way that creates awareness through ridiculousness. It reminds me of how Shakespeare’s play’s satirizes the aristocracy of his time.

  2. The average brain-washed television watcher – and definitely your average TYLER PERRY FAN, is not going to understand what this episode is truly saying…

    In fact, I think this episode was for TRUE CHRISTIANS before anyone else.

    I don’t consider myself a JESUS FREAK, but I am definitely spiritual and Jesus is my Lord and Savior. When I watched this for the 1st time, it struck a “spiritual” cord with me.

    I looked at how dude was USING JESUS as a “producing partner”, just as the dialogue stated…and how freakin’ DECEPTIVE AND EVIL that is!!!

    The GAY part…. clearly dude is gay. Everyone in HOLLYWOOD knows dude is gay. So that was a given. No need to dwell on it. And if you have traditional Christian beliefs, As McGruder seems to have, you think that’s wrong anyway…. NEXT!

    The bible says “what’s done in the dark shall come to the light”. Maybe this is the start of God exposing HYPOCRITES AND LIARS for who and what they truly are. God doesn’t want His people deceived, and if you ask me, TP’s rise to the top was a “little fast”….. wonder what favors he had to cash in to get Hollywood to finally notice him. A BOYFRIEND IN THE INDUSTRY PERHAPS? (at least at that time – probably not needed anymore.)

    Straight up – to me – this episode may as well have been a SERMON!

    NO HOMO.

  3. The episode was hysterical. Okay, they may have bordered cruel but damn it what I was thinking. Keep it light. I enjoyed it and I agree some non Tyler Perry folk (if there are any out there) will not possibly get it.


  4. LMAO!!! This should be played over and over again! I agree that this was mainly directed at those that call themselves Christians in attempt to re-examine what they take in faith as being part of divine inspiration. No doubt the homosexual cognitation were extreme but hasn’t Tyler Perry’s dramatization been extreme in some fashion as well?!

    Yeah, and – NO HOMO

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