Tyra Banks: New American Icon?

Tyra Banks is covering the upcoming issue of the New York Times out June 1st. And her cover image is causing a controversial uproar as it is appears to be comparing Ms. Banks to the likes of Oprah and Martha Stewart, arguably two of the most influential women in the world. The NYT is asking is Tyra next on the list. Tyra does say in her story how she describes herself as a mix of the two.


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  1. What is the criteria? Does it merely require “facetime” in front of the camera and in the press to be considered influential? Because if that is, then you could say yes. If you want to consider more substantive qualities as far a how they impact the world, not just from a “self-esteem” standpoint, but engaging in acts that impact people for the better, then you could say, outside of Oprah, she and Martha both have some work to do.

  2. It’s amazing to me to hear people say how much of a difference that Oprah has made. I realize that she built the school in the motherland for 40M, but how many school districts in the United States could have been improved with even a fraction of that much capital? Take care of home first.

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