BRU Ultimate House Party #HowardHomecoming 2010

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Howard University Homecoming is about bringing Alumni Home. This year Bison Roundup is setting out to make it FEEL like it for real!!! LOVE from Grey Goose, giveaways by Victoria Secret Pink, a live performance by B.o.B., Sounds by Howard’s Own DJ C.E.O., Surprise Guests, all make for one AMAZING HOUSE PARTY!!!


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You know the resume.
Last time we were in a Mansion with Grey Goose it looked like THIS…

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BRU Homecoming 2010 House Party


0 responses to “BRU Ultimate House Party #HowardHomecoming 2010”

  1. Hi Alumni,
    I happen to have a hung up on rooms thru Marriott for Homecoming. I work with them on Howard Hospital activities. See message below.

    Hi Darmita,

    There are some hotels that still have availability and at a fairly decent rate compared to the demand in the city this weekend. Go on line to Marriott .com to make reservations for Washington, DC; pick your travel dates and them expand the Special Rates & Awards button at the bottom and then choose Corporate/promotional code button and enter the code-UVQ and the hit find. It will bring up a list of hotel availability and rates which are currently significantly discounted compared to what the hotels are regularly selling. My explanation may be confusing so please feel free to call me and I will be happy to walk you though it so that you understand better.


  2. Hey Fellow Bison!

    I have an extra room at the Capitol Hilton on 16th & K Street. Feel free to call me at 281-731-2331 if you need a room!

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