Roundup Rendezvous “Power Weekend” Recap

Alumni Roundup, OhPsalms, and Will Power Packer came together to produce the 3rd official installment of Roundup Rendezvous this June, 2010. Together we produced an AMAZING 4 days of sun, fun, fitness, and of course the best nightlife the city of Miami had to offer. From venue to venue our guests partied in the hottest spots in the city, from LIV to Lincoln Road, Wet Willies, to our private waterfront mansion.

Our sponsors Under Armour, and Grey Goose provided services that pushed our schedule beyond everyone’s expectations. The HBCU love was ever present in the air, and the nearly 300 guests that joined us overwhelmingly have positive stories to tell. There are a few below:

-Be Moore

Alumni Roundup has the POWER! I had a wonderful time in Miami during Alumni Roundup Power Weekend 2010! It was the perfect balance of mature social gatherings: star-studded, but not elitist; enlightenment: urban yoga and meditation classes; physical activity: mini-bootcamp sponsored by Under Armour; and one giant family reunion full of great memories, new friends and of course networking opportunities. I will definitely do everything in my POWER to attend the Alumni Roundup events in the future.

From the first day I arrived in Miami, my first visit to the city, I felt taken care of. I was given prompt service and access to my event passes. The event reps were not only responsive, but they were personable and warm. Any concerns I had about attending an ARU event away from home, was melted away.

The parties were so well handled. Everything was effortless. Venues were close to the hotel, transportation was prompt. The crowd and vibe ARU brings is amazing. Everyone was so friendly, kind and having a wonderful time! I especially appreciated the fitness events. Having had serious health concerns, I have to watch what I eat and stay active. I was so happy to go to the Yoga and Bootcamp classes and see so many other participate as well. Kudos to Under Armour and trainers Chris Fitness and Scott Parker for sponsoring and supporting the ARUs goal of health/fitness awareness.

This is the type of participation I like to see in my community. I’m so looking forward to the next ARU events. I’m still glowing and buzzing from Miami!


I have nothing but good things to say about the events and parties in South Beach over the weekend. The staff couldn’t have picked a better weekend to have your events with the combination of the American Black Film Festival, it was a win/win experience. The Thursday night party at LIV nightclub at the Fontain Bleu was ridiculously off the chain! Actor Idris Elba had the crowd hyped up all night! The Friday night party at Gemma lounge was cool too but I didn’t stay there that long. The pool party on Saturday at the secret location was a good look too! Shout out to the girls from Grey Goose who fixed me some good drinks all day long!!!

Your operation was very professional and it seemed like everyone had a ton of fun. The food and drinks were good. Your staff was friendly and helpful. I met several of my Alpha Phi Alpha brothers at the pool party that day which is always cool.

I made a lot of new friends and did a lot of networking with other business professionals the entire time I was in Miami. This was definitely a good look and have already begun spreading the word to all my friends and business professionals that didn’t make it down! I can’t wait to attend this event next year.


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  1. Everything about this weekend was great. The organization was handled beautifully and all of the activities were wonderful! Thanks ARU for a truly classy and fun filled weekend.

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