Photos from the Whitney M. Young Classic

Seacaucus, NJ.

The 2010 Whitney M. Young Scholarship Classic hosted Howard and the Morgans State for the football game.  Though the football could have been better (MSU 20 Howard 3) the experience was a good time.

I was taken COMPLETELY by surprise as I pulled into the Meadowlands complex parking lot which was completely full.  So surprised that I asked the parking attendant was there another event happening or was all this for the football game only.  Sure enough, it was all for the game.  Nice.

This was my first trip to the newly constructed  Meadowlands.  The new stadium seems about twice as large as it’s predecessor and it is very nice though the Coach’s Club takes its concession cues from the Jerry Jones’ / Steinbrenner model as they got me for about $25 for a snack.

The crowd seemed to really be enjoying themselves.  The bands were nothing less than great as they peacocked in true HBCU fashion.  Another highlight was the FULL BLOWN tailgate experience.  I mean there were all out parties happening in the parking lot after the game. I’m talking about ALL OUT PARTIES.

The ONLY major negative of the day was the cell reception or lack of it near the stadium.  I don’t know the problem, but it is completely impossible to catch up to friends in a stadium with no bars.  Oh well, I guess you just make new friends for the day.

I’m looking forward to next year.  See you there.


Video coming soon…

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