Showcase YOUR HBCU Alumni-Owned Business – Historically Black Friday

Historically Black Friday

Do you know excellent HBCU Alumni business owners?

We’ve seen first hand, the power of uniting and approaching change through our economic power.

This holiday season, Alumni Roundup is supporting alumni-owned businesses, with the hope of creating more opportunities for our dollars to circulate in our community.

Introducing Historically Black Friday Once a week we’re sending our membership of thousands of alumni a summary of businesses owned by members of our community.

We’ve created an opportunity for those excellent service providers and vendors among us to reach a receptive audience of supportive alumni.

Direct to Alumni.

We hope that the Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Restauranteurs, and vendors among us will find this more than helpful. And we hope our membership finds the opportunity to fulfill more of their holiday shopping from within our ranks.

Sincerely, -Be Moore Founder, Alumni Roundup

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