This week on Historically Black Friday – It’s Already Summer

HBCU Alumni Owned Businesses-

This week on we have to acknowledge that the seasons are changing. For those of us who can remember our time on the yard / the set / main campus, depending where your Alma Mater lies on the map it’s almost that particularly challenging time of year.

Now I know that we didn’t all attend school at the same time or even the same place, but the number of campuses I’ve visited is larger than the list of those that I haven’t. I know for sure that we have more in common than our differences, so you’ll understand me when I share this experience.

On the campus of Howard University, for the first few years of undergrad, before I got into my core classes, many of my introductory classes were held in Frederick Douglass Hall, with windows that opened up directly onto the yard. This is a problem when you’re 18 years old, away from home and surrounded by beautiful people.

There comes a time in the spring semester when the sun begins to shine, and a warm breeze rolls across the yard, and because at the time that Douglas Hall had no air conditioning those windows opened up… and ALL of the student’s attention went outside with the hot air.

That’s spring on an HBCU campus. It’s a alert that summer is approaching and soon we’d be wearing more revealing clothes. For some it signified the return to the gym, or running, eating better, you name it.

This week on HBF is dedicated to our health, wellness, and becoming the best version of ourselves. And here are a few HBCU alumni owned businesses that can help you reach your goals.



Shayla Cornick – Spelman College
Shayla Cornick
CYCLED! is a boutique, indoor cycling studio located in downtown Silver Spring, MD. At CYCLED!, we ride to the invigorating beats of the latest music, and provide a full-body workout while challenging your endurance and maximizing your caloric burn. CYCLED! classes are suitable for all levels.
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Eating For Abs Nutrition and Training

Be Moore – Howard University
Coach Be
Eating For Abs is a multifaceted wellness brand delivering results through scientific method, up to date research, and backed by years of experience. We’re committed to improving the health and happiness of our students, their friends, families and communities worldwide. We achieve this through nutrition informed education, mentorship, and fun activity.
In addition to providing world-class nutrition and physical training in our life-changing online course, we consistently partner with organizations whose missions are to make the world a healthier, happier place.

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Princess Mhoon Dance Institute

Princess Mhoon – Howard University
Princess Mhoon
At PMDI we believe that dance and movement are for everyone, those seeking a professional career, as well as the novice. Our training institute emphasizes a balance between serious study and fun. We are a team of highly trained and nurturing faculty who look to help you discover your highest level of artistry. We are committed to providing high quality dance and movement instruction to young students, adult professionals, serious adult dancers, and the adult novice who takes a special interest in using dance as fitness.
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