60 Seconds toward dropping your gut!

Looking for a fast way to pump up your upper body?

The 60 sec push up and ab blast will pump up your chest, sculpt your abs, and build up your endurance. You can perform these three exercises when your on vacation, stuck in a hotel room on a work trip, or even on your lunch break at work.

This 60 second circuit is really Great for Individuals on a general health program and just looking for a daily body toning workout they can do anywhere. Just 3 to 4 sets a day done every morning or night with a one minute break in between each circuit, will help blow of stress and get your positive juices flowing.

For the Extreme body sculpter looking to increase muscle separation, and definition in the chest, shoulder, arm, and abdominal area. The 60sec pushup and ab blast will hammer detail into these areas when you increase the speed and perform more repetitions on anyone or all of the 3 exercises included in the 60 sec pushup and ab blast.

The three exercises are

  1. The push up modified with a raising of a knee toward the chest after each completed repetition.
  2. The double crunch bringing the knees into the chest while reaching down and touching the sides of the ankle.
  3. The Plank for building a strong core, and slimness to the waist when you concentrate on pulling the belly button back towards you spin while holding your body straight for 10-60 seconds.

Try out the 60 sec push up and ab blast and tell me what you think.

Chris Fitness

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  1. Get groups of AlumniRoundup victims trying this at home (and on tape) and you'll be on to something.

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