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Chris Fitness of delivers a some timely workout advice. What does it take to lose weight, or gain muscle, or simply tone up? Diet + Hard Work + Consistency + this…

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How to Eat Sexy: Increased Metabolism = Increased Fat Burning!

Do You know the reason you have friends that can eat what they want and not gain a pound? People that fall into this category are examples of people blessed with fast metabolisms.

WHAT IS YOUR METABOLISM? Simply put, your metabolism is responsible for converting food you consume into fuel and energy for the body to use. Your metabolic rate is the rate at which your metabolism converts food into fuel and energy for your body. As we all age, our metabolisms begin to slow down. This Decline starts around the age of 30 and really dips after 40 if you don’t do something about it.

The Cool thing is, the faster your metabolism is the faster your cycle of food is.

This means Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats, everything is made available to the body for use faster. The faster nutrients are made available, the faster you’ll recover from exercise and the faster the waste will be expelled from the body. Including Body fat!

So here are the two main ways to boost and keep your Metabolism running efficiently.


#1 Vigorous Exercise is key to speeding up your body’s conversion of food to fuel and energy. As you wear down the body’s nervous system with hardcore exercise, nutrients are called in to fuel the rebuilding of your strength for future bouts.This rebuilding takes days all the while the metabolism is elevated while it cycles nutrients in to fuel your recovery.

The effects of vigorous weight training are known to keep the metabolism elevated for up to 36 hours after exercise.

#2 The Thermic Effect of Feeding is the effect eating has on your metabolism, and every time you consume food it has to be metabolized. This process of course raises the metabolism, but the trick here is to pick foods that cause the metabolism to run the highest.

Protein causes your metabolism to speed up much more than carbohydrates and fats. This is why you should aspire to consume protein in every meal.

Fibrous carbs are also great for getting your metabolism up because they have little caloric value and can’t be digested so the metabolism heats up trying to.

The Thermic effect of feeding is the reason its advised to eat small frequent meals.


Combine Exercise that gets your metabolic rate going with the Thermic effects of small frequent feedings and you too will see an increased Ability to Burn Fat!

-Chris Fitness
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How to make your Abs POP

Train for abs

Over the years I’ve heard a lot of exercise mumbo jumbo, even found myself under the influence of fitness placebo at times. One of the biggest misconceptions about ab training is the idea that more is always better. More is definitely not better in the case of abdominal training.

I’m going to address the question of how frequent we should train our abs. I hear some people say they do them every day, but if you’re always training a muscle it doesn’t have time to recuperate and grow stronger. And don’t forget that this is the reason we’re training our muscles in the first place.

If you want Functional Abdominal and Core Strength – Your gonna want to pick exercises that are usable for sports activities. The main point to remember is to stick with exercises that use all the muscles in the above diagram as a whole. In addition you should do the exercise over a duration of time to build endurance that will help you run faster, switch directions, etc. Crunches done for 1-2 minutes without pause, Twists, standard and side planks, Medicine ball Core exercises, etc.

If you just want a Visible 6 pack – For the person that just wants a set of abs that looks good on the beach, you should Isolate the muscles above by choosing exercises that Target the areas you want to bring out. Deep abs require slow controlled repetitions and holding each one for a peak contraction. These exercises can be done at the end of your normal workout. If you have 6Pack Goals, diet is more important then even the exercises you choose. You can have the best Abs since D ‘angelo but won’t anyone know until you strip away the unwanted bodyfat.

It’s very possible to train your Ab once a week, maintain a good diet and still build a pretty good six pack.

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There are lots of ways to live healthier. Here’s one from LA Day 4

Let’s do this TOGETHER people! The running theme in all of these workout videos is YOU CAN DO IT and HAVE FUN at the same time.

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Hiking for Health: LA Day 3 Part 1

Keep you feet moving family. No matter where you are there are opportunities for you to become a healthier happier YOU!


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Alumni Roundup keeps it pushing all year round, hitting our “Big 6” cities to interface and Roundup Alumni of all walks of life. Groups of Alumni from several schools come out, bring their friends, and so many GREAT discussion, networking, and new connections happen. Here’s a brief peek at what went down in LA this past week.

Above: First Stop, In n’ Out. Bad start?

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Fitness is a Family Thing!

Though he may seem all nice and sensitive in this video, this brother has tried to kill me on multiple occasions, most recently with an incline bench press. The result… I’m not showing yet. Yet. 🙂

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Get Your Rest!


Fitness trainer Chris Fitness came through Roundup Radio again this week to deliver his fitness tip of the week. Check out the latest gem, and come meet him live in Miami for Roundup Rendezvous June 25-28.