Legs without the Gym

Alright here we go, working the Lower body Outdoors without any equipment.

Here I am in the Park without any equipment, getting a quick leg workout in. The exercise that you see me doing below is the Squat.

Simply take a shoulder width stance, lower your body bending at the knees, while keeping the back straight and upright. Bring the hands up in front of the body at the bottom of the exercise for balance. After lowering the body slowly, power through your heels up to starting position.

Sets of 20 repititions is great for building muscle tone throughout the thigh and butt area.

Check it out!

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  1. That squat is a great exercise but what about people with bad knees. I played ball for DSU so you know what that means. Horrible knees. I want Beyonces legs but my knees can’t take the squat. What can I do. Please help!

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