A Tool that Trainer Scott Parker likes for Getting fit

The TRX suspension trainer is the best home fitness product that I have used in many years and I have tested a lot of them.

It’s very convenient in that it easily fits into a standard sized backpack. It adjusts very easily and does not require a lot of time to change settings in between exercises. Last but not least, it works. Anyone at any fitness level can get a full body workout using the TRX with very limited instruction. A key advantage is that EVERY exercise engages the core which is a big advantage over other products.
TRX Suspension Training: Get Beach Body Ready

I personally use it twice per week as a full body circuit trainer. Additionally, I use it in all of my gym workouts to do super sets in between my strength training. Lastly, I use it in some capacity with most of my clients. I have even used the door harness attachment to give clients full body workouts in my hotel room while working on the road. Overall, it is an excellent product with lots of versatility and proven results. Click here to check out the TRX suspension trainer. If you pic one up contact me for tips on getting started.

Stay Fit,
Scott Parker

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