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I ran into Stic.Man at a formal reception after a Congressional Black Caucus gala in the Reagan Building, a Federal office and event space in downtown Washington, DC. The crowd had a few entertainers sprinkled throughout, recognizable faces like Isiah Thomas, Holly Robinson and Rodney Peete, to name a few, no real stretch.

I, like most, was dressed in black tie so it was easy to spot the man in the crowd with the plaid pants, electric blue sweater and Mohawk! The crowd of elder statesmen and their wives, politicians and professionals stood somewhat aloof. When I happened to be on that side of the large room and caught a glimpse of the brother’s face, damn if it wasn’t an MC from one of my most respected rap duos, Stic.Man from Dead Prez.

Almost a year later, after I committed to cooking and eating whole foods, and started sharing my journey and outlook, a friend of mine sent me this video for “Runner’s High.” The video was right on time in regards to the changes I was going through so I reached out to Stic to get him on the show and find out what he was up to lately.

The sound quality is a bit rough. The brother was calling from a call phone that wasn’t cooperating. Pop on your headphones and listen to the conversation. Stic talks about contracting gout at 21, and how he addressed it holistically. Beyond that he views the illness as a message from the ancestors, who in their infinite wisdom inflicted him early so that he could correct his life course and find his place on the proper path.

Great outlook.

Pick up “The Workout” Here:

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