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Santigold, Big Daddy Kane, Eric Roberson and more. The 3rd Annual ONE Music Fest: Atlanta, GA

Labor Day Weekend
The 3rd Annual ONE Musicfest
Health + Wellness Roundup Radio of Dead Prez Interview on Roundup Radio

I ran into Stic.Man at a formal reception after a Congressional Black Caucus gala in the Reagan Building, a Federal office and event space in downtown Washington, DC. The crowd had a few entertainers sprinkled throughout, recognizable faces like Isiah Thomas, Holly Robinson and Rodney Peete, to name a few, no real stretch.

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Stephanie Humphrey is On the Move

My Name is… Stephanie Humphrey

The reason you are reading about me is… I’ve done what very few people get the chance or have the courage to do – left my “good” job to blaze a new path in line with my true passions. I’m a former engineer who made a ridiculously exciting and scary transition into the entertainment industry. The plan is to kill the game completely, and the birth of the brand has already begun…

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Atlanta Alumni Going Hard for their Health

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Alumni Wellness traveled to H.E.A.T Gym in Atlanta, GA to witness a circuit training session with Rahman “Ray” Grayson, FAMU Alum. HBCU Alum, Nichelle Brown-Frazier, Joey Digital, Jada Wright, Melissa St. Joy and Reggie Harrison jumpstarted their efforts with a body-shocking day of exercise.

The Trainer:
The Gym:

For more information on Rahman “Ray” Grayson’s 30 Day Cardio Challenge: CLICK HERE<<<

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Mitch Brooks is On the Move

My Name is… Mitch Brooks.

You are reading about me because… 1) I co-founded and currently run a business called the Urbane Lifestyle & Entertainment Group that hosts special events and parties, and which operates in four major national markets, and 2) because number one is not my day job.

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Jemal Gibson is On the Move

My Name is… Jemal Omar Gibson.

The reason you are reading about me is… Just published my first book “Drugs My Curse My Savior”. It’s an American feel good story of triumph over tragedy, and perseverance through pain. I was born to drug addicted parents in a world engulfed in drugs, death and destruction. Many people in my family used drugs, sold drugs, went to jail for drugs and even died because of drugs. Thus my curse. But I managed to make it out of that environment with the same element that cursed me for much of my life and that’s drugs. I have sold billions of dollars of drugs and have made millions in the process. Unfortunately, as I climbed the corporate ladder in the legal world of drugs, my family kept pulling me back into a world I desperately wanted to leave behind. If you’re looking for encouragement you can find it here, if you’re looking for inspiration you can find it here, if you’re life is all good and you just enjoy reading and cheering for the underdog then you can find it here.


Black America Allows the CDC to Stack Herpes Numbers: The Truth Behind the “Statistics”

“I’m a Black woman in America, and I’m very concerned.”

There have been several reports, press releases of sorts stating some very unnerving news about the Black woman in the United States. Reports say that 48% of Black women have herpes, 46% of Black women have a net worth of $5, and 70% of Black women are not married. With numbers like this, is there any hope left for Black women? These statistics, in my opinion are of PANDEMIC; even EPIDEMIC proportions. Over the next several weeks, I will investigate these “reports.”

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Haziq Ali Is On the Move

My Name is… Haziq Ali