Why Stretching Should be a Part of your Routine!


Stretching is very important and should be added to every workout. Very important to total body balance, stretching is beneficial to all levels of athlete. Stretching improves circulation, increases range of motion, and relieves stress.

It’s very important that the muscles be thoroughly warmed up before stretching. Stretching cold muscles can result in a pulled muscle. This is why it’s recommended that stretching should be done following exercise, when the muscles and joints are warmed up.

Stretches should be held for minimum of 20 seconds without bouncing. I would recommend stretching a minimum of 3 times a week. You want to focus on relaxing, and staying within your own limitations. Stretching should not be a pain full experience, but one that revives you. Spend the first 5 minutes of your day stretching, and see if it doesn’t energize your soul.


-Chris Fitness


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