Decluttering your home

Getting rid of the clutter in your home or room is pretty simple, it just takes time. The most important things to remember when declutting is (1) do one room at a time, (2) take your time and (3) if you have not used it or looked for it in a year, toss it!

Kids Room:
You do not need to keep all of the art work that your kids have created since they were born! When your kids are grown they will not miss any of it. If you find something you love, snap a picture of it and toss it! Broken toys, toss them, old toys they don’t play with, donate them. Favorite toys, find a space for them on a bookshelf or under the bed. Sort through their books and papers. Toss old papers, keep relevant book and donate books below your kids reading level. Finally use baskets and storage bins to help hide small toys, use books for video games (tossing all video game cases) and use magazine bins for papers and paper notebooks.

Clutter Maintenance.
Don’t allow clutter to pile up for years, find time to declutter your home regularly. Whether it be monthly or quarterly, you will save yourself a lot of time by keeping the clutter under control with regular maintenance.

Window shop more often.
Stop yourself in the store and ask yourself, “Do I really NEED this?” More often than not, the answer is no. You just really want it. If that is the case, compromise with yourself, if you are set on buying a new item, make a commitment to yourself to get rid of two other items in the house that serve the same purpose. To better curb your spending habits, shop from home online. You will be less likely to adore that shiny new vase from the comfort of your own home.

If you haven’t worn an item in over a year, sell or donate it.
Go through your out of season bins, and look through the clothes that you have not worn. If you have not worn some of your clothes in 2 seasons, its time to donate them. You won’t miss them at all.

The One-Year Box. Take all your items that you unsure about getting rid of (e.g. “I might need this someday…”), put them in a box, seal it and date it for 1 year in the future. When the date comes, and you still didn’t need to open it to get anything, donate the box WITHOUT OPENING IT. You probably won’t even remember what there was in the box.

Declutter one room at a time before moving on to the next one. If you are starting with a bedroom, start under the bed. Then move to the closet, the drawers and finally the clothes.

My rule of thumb, if you have not used it or looked for it in over a year, toss it or donate it!

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