Great Kitchen Organizing Tips

Organizing your kitchen will help you to find more space in your kitchen. Use some of these tips to help you free up space in your kitchen:

(1) Mount a knife strip on the wall (2) Multi-task: use a butcher block island as a cutting board and use shelves below for extra storage. (3) Use matching baskets to hold non-refrigerated produce such as garlic, onions and ginger. (4) Free up drawer space using the kitchen table to provide flatware in a caddy in the center of the table. (5) Use an over-the-sink dish drainer to free up counter space. (6) Use a three-tiered wire basket for non-refrigerated produce such as potatoes, tomatoes, garlic and onions. (7) Store pots and pans on pot racks or wall mounted pin boards to save cabinet space. (8) Hang shelves on empty walls for additional storage. (9) Ditch the piles of note pads and pencils, mount a chalk board for notes, lists and messages. (10)  Mount your spices on the inside of the cupboard door to save space.

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